Spring slipped into summer

Spring officially turned to summer while I was in Russia and it took me about a week to realize it. I was trying to finish by day to day recount of my Russia trip and all of a sudden it was 4th of July! Hello Summer!

Spring 2012 had some fun adventures in it for me. I went to Russia with my Mom, went to Ireland with my sisters, was charmed by Aberdeen and ate one of the best meals of my life at Wine Cask in Santa Barbara.

Work ended at the end of May with more turmoil than usual and it has put a slight damper on my summer. I am rolling with the punches and trying to remember to change the things I can and let the rest go.

The spring blog header photo (posted above) was from a set of plantings at the OC Mart Mix. This newish shopping space has GREAT drought tolerant landscaping. If you are in Costa Mesa, CA I encourage you to stop by. So far I love Iron Press (Beer and Waffles), We Olive (wine bar), and The Cheese Shop.

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