End of Summer Trip with the Little Sister (Rock Creek Lake and Mammoth)

A week after leaving Mammoth I headed back up with the Little Sister for a weekend trip.  It was one of those spur of the moment trips and I'm glad it worked out.  We biked and hiked and just enjoyed ourselves.

Leaving at 5am on Friday we arrived at our friend the Fish Whisperers house at the base of Mammoth.  He works at Hot Creek Fish Hatchery and I felt so luck they have an extra room we could use.  

After stopping in, the Little Sister and I headed up to Rock Creek Lake to have some pie at Pie in the Sky Cafe.  My late Grandmother used to camp at Rock Creek Lake and loved it there.  I have gone a few times but always seem to miss the pie.  Not this time!  The Little Sister and I split a Mud Pie and took a piece of Chocolate Pecan Pie for the road!  Yum! Yum!
Seeing as we went from Sea Level to about 8000 feet, I thought it was a good idea to take it slow and not do anything crazy the first day.  That is why I thought Rock Creek would be a good for us.  The "hike" at Rock Creek is really a walk with a few climbs.  That being said, my heart did get pumping a few times!

The Little Sister and I had a contest going on this hike.  She has very bright running shoes that she wore and I had on my "Bacon Makes Everything Better" t-shirt.  We started getting comments on these two items so we started keeping score to see who got the most comments.  At the end of the hike she beat me 6-4.

Here are a few pictures from our hike.  Notice the BRIGHT shoes in the first shot.

The Little Sister had a pretty bad headache as we headed back to the hatchery.  We had picked up some food for dinner and threw some stuff together for the Fish Whisperer and a friend before the Little Sister called it a night.  I am pretty sure she had a mild case of altitude sickness with the headache.  In hind site maybe we should have not gone to Rock Creek Lake.

The next morning we were going to spend the day in Mammoth.  We started with a trip to Devil's Postpile.  I had never been to Devil's Postpile and was excited to see it.  It was supposed to be like the Giant's Causway in Ireland with the same baulast lava columns.  The Little Sister was excited to see this but when we got there it was a little underwhelming.  I looked around and then awarded Ireland a point on this one.  Devil's Postpile is a tenth of the size of the Giant's Causeway.  The Giant's Causway is stunning and fades into the sea.  Devil's Postpile is surrounded by some trees.  I guess it was underwhelming becuase Giant' Causeway was so cool.  I am still glad I saw the Devil's Postpile, but Ireland wins this one.

Back in Mammoth we had lunch at Burgers, one of my go to lunch stops during the snow season and then we took the gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain to see all the mountain biking trails and view.  It was cold at the top of the hill and we could see weather moving in.  The whole point of going to Mammoth was to ride bikes, so at 3pm we finally got in line for the Lake Basins shuttle (the trolley takes your bike too) and waited for our chance to ride our bikes.  When we got on the shuttle it was reported that it was pouring rain at the top of the hill.  The weather had cooled off significantly and I was starting to get cold.  By the time we reached our stop it was really raining. The Little Sister was on the fence about going and I said, let's do it.  We grabbed our bikes and started down the hill.

The bike path from the Lake Basin in Mammoth is paved and mostly downhill.  It meanders through trees and campgrounds taking you by great vistas.  When we started this bike ride it was pouring rain.  My hands were so cold they were almost numb.  I was drenched and wondering if we had made the right choice but soon the rain let up and we got to enjoy some of the ride.  The wet roads made us cautious, but it was still a fun ride.

We ended the day listening to a band in The Village at Mammoth and then headed to the hatchery.  The Fish Whisperer was camping with his Lady so we had the house to ourselves.  Thunder and lighting stroms crashed all around us and we decided to turn in early.  The next morning we headed for home with a breakfast stop at the Alabama Hills Cafe and then a drive through the Alabama Hills.  I had a great weekend and I was a good end to my summer. 

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