Hiking Peters Canyon

As part of her "take back my life" campaign, the Middle Sister declared this month "action packed August".  In addition to running with me a few times a week, she started taking classes at the gym five times a week and looking for more active things to do.  She ran a 5K earlier in the month and then decided she wanted to do some hiking.  I am not sure if you remember our adventure hiking El Moro Canyon, but I am always up for something active so last weekend (when So Cal was still having a heat wave) we got up early to hike Peters Canyon.

Now the Middle Sister had done her homework and we were going to do a Peters Canyon hike with the Sierra Club.  They were meeting at 8am and she got directions from their website.  Only problem was that when she clicked on the map to get directions, it ended up taking us to one of the many entrances to Peters Canyon that were in a residential neighborhood.  Not the entrance where the Sierra Club was meeting.  So we show up,  look around, and realize there has been an error.  No big deal.  There are lots of people hiking and running, so we decided to check it out on our own.

Here is the Middle Sister at the beginning of the "hike".
We started up the Creek Trail and soon made it to the Peters Canyon trail.  The Middle Sister and I had brought backpacks with water and a few snacks because we thought we were hiking.  When we got to the Peters Canyon trail I thought it would have been a better idea to wear our running clothes.  There were tons of people out running, walking, biking and hiking.  I don't know what I was thinking, but it wasn't this.
The main trail (seen above) for Peters Canyon is so big you could fit two cars on it.  It is made of dirt and clearly used a lot.  We passed at least 100 people and even saw a few cross country running teams training here.  When we came up from the Creek Trail, we turned right and soon found we were near the end of the canyon.
We found a map and started exploring.  We ended up taking Scout Hill up to the East Ridge and making our way toward the lake.  Being on the East Ridge was a little more like hiking but we were still getting passed by groups of runners.  I told the Middle Sister that we were going to have to go running here to do some hill training.  She didn't seem to happy about that.

Here is a picture from the top of the ridge looking back over Peters Canyon.
Here is a picture looking the other way toward the lake.

The Middle Sister and I never did find the Sierra Club but we kept saying we were hiking with them.  When ever the trail looked like this (below) she would tell me to take a picture so we could show what it was like to hike with the Sierra Club.....

What can I say.... we make ourselves laugh.  Over all I think we will probably end up running Peters Canyon a few times but I am not sure if I would call it a hike.  We did have a good time and it was nice to be a tourist in my own town and be a part of "action packed August"!

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