Project of the Week

I am one of those goal oriented people.  I am a person who can be counted on to complete whatever project I am assigned, to show up on time, and to be dependable.  I am what some people call a "doer" because I will do things instead of just talking about them.  I like people like me.  We get things done!  Well..... eventually.

The truth is that I am really good about being dependable for others and getting all kinds of projects done at work, but I started to realize I am not getting my personal projects done in the time frame I would like to get them done and that bummed me out a little.  So I came up with Project of the Week.

Project of the Week is basically a goal I have to work on one of my projects once a week.  It doesn't mean I need to finish the project, just move forward on it.  Little by little.  Some of my projects are easy and some of them are huge.  Each week will dictate how much time I can work on one of my projects but at the end of the day I am just glad I will be moving forward and completing some of my personal projects. As one of those goal oriented people I like to cross things off my list and this is going to help me do that.

Coming Soon-- Project of the Week: Fall Vegetable Garden Plan

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  1. Obviously I disagree with you as per our conversation last night. What you do not relize is that personal goal a week is a huge deal compared with most other people. I think you are awesome and an inspiration.