Review: Les Bouquinistes (Paris, France)

My apologizes.  I was going through my drafts for this blog and came across a few I had yet to post!  I couldn't believe it.  These post were kind of like old friends and brought me right back to these great experiences.  I thought I would share them here.  Better late than never....

From my Paris trip in Summer 2009

Les Bouquinistes (a restaurant in Paris) was recommended by a friend and visited on a very rainy day in Paris. We were walking along the Seine trying to find it hunched under umbrellas and avoiding puddles at every turn. When we came to the address we started laughing, we had passed it a few days before and made a comment how it was one of "those" fancy restaurants. Oh well, we were hungry and it was highly recommended. We were going to try it. Ducking out of the rain, we entered Les Bouquinistes.

The atmosphere that greeted us was very modern. Clean lines and contemporary art filled one white wall while windows took advantage of the corner location. The wait staff was dressed in contemporary black suits. They were what I will call "french friendly" meaning they don't smile nearly as much as we Americans tend to but were very polite and helpful. We were asked if we had a reservation (we didn't) and then shown to a round table dressed with linen and crystal. The table screamed "fancy restaurant" but the wait staff seemed to whisper "just enjoy yourself".

Les Bouquinistes has a prix fix menu for 29 euro. It includes a glass of wine, appetizer, main plate and dessert. The little sister and I went for this option. The middle sister is a vegetarian and the prix fix menu didn't really have anything for her. She ended up ordering a salad and the waitress asked the kitchen to make her a vegetarian main plate.

What we had:
White wine
Bottled water
Fish with risotto
Pork with Chorizo and mashed potatoes
Asparagus Salad
Roasted Vegetables

The food here is delicious and creative. One sister pointed out this was a Guy Savoy (famous chef) restaurant and that is probably why. I had a lot of amazing food in Paris, but I have to say the Pork with Chorizo with mashed potatoes might be my favorite. The pork was cooked perfectly with the texture and flavor of the chorizo complimenting and not overwhelming the dish. The mashed potatoes tasted like mashed butter with some potatoes in them. They were so good. The little sister said her risotto was perfect, creamy and delicious. The middle sister had an asparagus salad made of green and white asparagus. The white asparagus was marinated and diced while the green asparagus was slivered.
Score: 5

The staff at Les Bouquinistes worked as a team with one key waiter in charge of our table. They all seemed really young, like in early high school but that was just my perception. Tables were cleared, water and wine poured and everything was kept very neat and orderly by the staff. We never needed anything. The only black mark against them is that our waiter forgot to add the water and the middle sisters' wine to the bill. We pointed it out and our bill was fixed.
Score: 4.75

Overall we really enjoyed our lunch at Les Bouquinistes. The food was amazing and the atmosphere and staff completed the contemporary feel. We talked about going back there numerous times but never made it. Go for the food. It is amazing.

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