Summer Food: 2012

One of my Year of the Dragon: 2012 goals was to photograph food with the Little Sister.  Rereading the goal I see it was also about making some Donna Hay recipes.  I was feeling like I was not completing this goal then I started looking at photos on my phone.  HELLO!  Looks like I have been taking tons of pictures.  I even think I have been fulfilling my goal of photographing Donna Hay recipes with my sister because she has been cooking through Easy Entertaining by Donna Hay and I have been photographing the food for her.   You can see her blog posts about it here.

I really love to eat.  If you have been around this blog you probably picked up on that theme.  Sometimes I take photos of what I eat and those photos bring me back to that meal and that moment.  It's kind of cool.  Here are some of my favorite moments from Summer 2012.

My lamb burger slider.  I loved this and wrote about it here!

I went to Ireland with my sisters (read about it here) and wasn't very impressed with the food, but did have a few things I really liked.

This was part of a Prix Fix menu at 55 North in Northern Ireland near Port Stewart.  Our BB owner JJ recommended the place and I really liked it.

This is called Banoffee Pie.  Thank goodness I could split it with my sisters.

I got this "Tray Bake" in Belfast.  Picture a cut up brownie on a mountain of ice cream.  Yum!

My favorite place I ate in Ireland was The Oystercatcher Bistro.  FABULOUS. Worth every penny.

When I got back from Ireland I ate fruits and vegetables from the Farmers' Market everyday.  I had missed them so much.

T made his bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos a few times and is also now making an ABC (avocado, bacon, and cheese) burger.

I went to Russia and was not very impressed with the food on the boat I was on.  Nothing to write home about.  I did eat my way through St Petersburg one day and that was awesome!  Searching through my summer photos I really liked this one of the wine bar we checked out on a layover in D.C.

I fell in love with Iron Press, a new beer and waffles place near me, and ate there a few times this summer.....

Had a few good eats in the Eastern Sierra.

And got to enjoy some Donna Hay meals from the Little Sister.

Ironically one of my other Year of the Dragon goals was to lose five pounds a month.  That doesn't seem to be working out for me as well as I had hoped!  

Bon Appetite!

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  1. Ok stop your making me hungry. lol I love farmers market as well. You can never get enough fruits ang vegetables.