Take Away: Summer 2012 (Ireland, Russia, Deadman Creek)

Summer 2012 was not what I thought it was going to be.  I had the chance to visit Ireland with my sisters for two weeks,  visit Russia with my Mom for 16 days, and camp with T in the Eastern Sierra for a week.  Looking back on it all now I can only say it was a medium summer.

How spoiled do I sound?  I shake my head when I think about it.  I got to go to Ireland AND Russia and all I can do is say it was okay.....  Whenever anyone asks me about the trips I mention a few of my favorite moments but usually end up admitting they weren't my best trips.  My parents would call me after I would post something on this blog to see if everything was okay.  My Dad would laugh and say he could tell I was not having fun and my Mom would call to make sure I was doing okay.  The truth is you can't win them all and sometimes you need to have some medium trips to appreciate the incredible trips that come along.

I did learn a lot about myself this summer.  In Ireland I realized that I like to have a "home base" when I travel.  I like to take my time to explore an area and not be on a schedule.  I remembered that I love public transportation and don't like to drive in an other country.  I realized that food is a big reason I travel and that I need to make sure I travel to places with great food.

In Russia I learned (or remembered) that I hate to be treated like cattle.  I dig my heels in when I am herded somewhere and hate to have everything scheduled out for me.  I realized that traveling with my sisters is my favorite way to travel but traveling with friends is fun too.  I like to discover things on my own and have the freedom to do what I want to do.  I realized I could travel with my Mom and it is fun to see a place through some elses eyes sometimes.

My camping trip this year even had a few revelations for me.  Camping with T has slowly gotten to be not as much fun as it used to be.  This makes me sad because I used to love to camp with him and I found myself trying to figure out what was going on.  The truth was that I was camping by myself a lot because T would leave to go fishing.  There was a day that he left at 8am and got back at 11pm.  That day sucked for me. I was trapped at camp.  It was hot.  I read two books that day.  I wanted to go home.  I was mad. I was supposed to be camping with T, not camping by myself.

I talked with T a little about this on our trip and he told me I need to learn to fish so I can go fishing with him.  I don't want to learn to fish.  I mentioned this a few times and eventually I decided I need to find something to do while he fishes or I need to stop going camping with him.  I would rather miss him while he is away fishing then be trapped and abandoned on a camping trip.  I thought I might take up mountain biking, but am really wondering if I want to keep camping at all.  I mean, camping should be fun.  I shouldn't have to work really hard to make it fun.

Ultimatly this summer taught me to guard my time.  To only do things I really want to do and to find a balance between doing something, and doing something I enjoy.

Next summer T and I are supposed to take an Airstream roadtrip to Glacier National Park in Montana.  I am not sure if it will happen or not.  At this point I am not worried if it does or if it doesn't.  I have a feeling it will be like our last trip in the Eastern Sierra and don't feel like being the non-fisherman on the fishing trip for three weeks.  If that is what it looks like it is going to be than I will probably spend the summer working on my garden, going to the beach, and having BBQs with my family and friends at home.  And right about now, that sounds like the perfect summer to me!

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  1. Ditto about Ireland. The last thing I want on vacation is to be in a car and not get to enjoy things I love like my sisters and food. Noted, I never posted because I never felt I had anything positive to say. Maybe this weekend will make up for that!