Farmer's Find: Honeydew Melon

I try to go to a local farmer's market once a week (at least!) and enjoy eating and cooking the foods I find there.  There are are certain foods I LOVE and I get excited each season when I see them in at the Farmer's Market.  Those foods are the things that tell me the seasons have changed and my mind and body are so grateful for them.

Then there are the foods I don't buy.  The items I walk by week after week and choose not to purchase.  It is nothing personal, I just have a limited amount of time to cook and want to get foods I will eat for sure.

But every once in a while I remember that I should look around and see what else is ready to go home with me.  I've noticed over the years that I will all of a sudden find a booth I didn't see at the Farmer's Market before.  Usually these booths are only selling one thing.  Kind of like saying, Our stuff is so good, we will only sell this one thing.  Now that is a gutsy statement.  And if the food is in season and looks good, I give it a try.  
Last weekend I discovered a booth at the Long Beach / Los Alamitos Marina Farmer's Market that sold honeydew melons. All they had were honeydew melons, and they had a lot of them.  I am usually a cantaloup girl (one of my happy foods) but the cantaloups I had bought for the last few weeks were falling short of the greatness they had earlier in the summer.   So I walked over to give this booth a try.  Now I know I have come to a good place when the guy selling the product, in this case a gentleman that looked like a cross between a cowboy and a farmer, asks when I am going to eat something.  The avocado guy is the same way.  The people who know their product know what is ripe, or when something is going to be perfect to eat.  I said I was planning on having some that day and putting the rest in the fridge.  He picked one out for me and I was on my way.

That cowboy/farmer knew his stuff!  When I got home and started cutting up that honeydew melon I couldn't stop eating it.  It was perfect.  So perfect in fact that I took a picture of the last two wedges I had so I could blog about it because I thought it was that good.  

I will be looking for the honeydew melon guy again this weekend but with the weather starting to cool off a little here in Southern California, I am not sure if he will be around for long.  And as sad as that makes me for the moment, it still excites me the fall foods are going to start showing up soon.  And when that happens, I can discover an other Farmer's Find.....

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