Lucky Dozen: October challenge

A few weeks ago the Little Sister emailed me an October challenge she was thinking of doing.  It was the Lucky Dozen and I was in!

What is the Lucky Dozen?  Well basically it was an article that ran in Lucky Magazine a while ago where they took a bakers dozen (technically 13) pieces of clothing from the Banana Republic line and made thirty one days of outfits.  Fabulous! 

I was in for the challenge and we both were going to try to do it with clothing we already owned.  It was a fairly easy plan of swapping out a piece of clothing on the guide with one of the piece of clothing that I owned.  The only problem I discovered was that the majority of my clothes are black and the little sister insisted I try to wear some outfits with color.

The Lucky Dozen starts on October 1st and I have 31 outfits already planned and ready to go!

Here is the original Lucky Dozen:

And here are my Lucky Dozen for this month:

The only new piece of clothing is #12 for me.  I don't think I am going to go in order of the official Lucky Dozen calendar, but I am going to try to wear each outfit once.  I will try to post to my flickr account if you are interested in seeing my work week fashions.  Wish me luck!

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