Pressure Cooker Ribs

T has been talking about getting a electric pressure cooker for about 8 months.  Maybe almost a year if I count the off handed comments dropped once in awhile.  The culprit was a co-worker of his who started bringing in chicken soup, ribs, and other things "he made in the pressure cooker".  T would mention that maybe we should get one and I would say "go for it".  I wasn't really sure if he would.

Truth be told, I do a lot of the "everyday" cooking in our house when one of us is cooking, but T seemed to be doing the lazy day, special cooking.  Like BBQ, or he will find a recipe and spend all Sunday making it.  I like to do the lazy day cooking too, but seemed too busy the last few months to even think about having fun when I was cooking.  That changed today when I whipped up a batch of Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup, but this story is about the Pressure Cooker.

So a few weeks ago T decided it was time to get the pressure cooker.  The co-worker had gotten his at Costco, but unfortunately Costco did not have it.  Sur La Table did not have it in stock and on the way to meet the Little Sister for dinner T realized we would be by a William-Sonoma and called to see if they had it in stock.  They did and the sales associate asked if they could hold it for him at the register if he was coming in to get it.  Oh William-Sonoma,  good job on sealing the deal.  So T sprinted off to William-Sonoma and returned with this Pressure Cooker as his date for dinner.
That weekend he made his first batch of ribs.  In case you are like me and not very knowledgeable about pressure cookers, they use pressure to cook things really quickly.  Like a rack of ribs.  They cooked those in 15 minutes.  Then T threw them on the BBQ with some sauce for a little smokey char and we devoured them.

Oh my.  I love me that pressure cooker.  The ribs were fantastic.  We rubbed them, put them in the pressure cooker,  threw them on the BBQ and I kicked myself for not buying this thing 8 months ago!  I am a fan.

Now T has made ribs three times with the pressure cooker and I am waiting for him expand on what he cooks with this thing, but am enjoying the ribs.  I flipped through the recipe book that can with the pressure cooker and saw you can make rice pudding and a cheese cake in it!  Hello!  When are we making those?  

I will keep you posted......



  1. Wait. You made ribs in 15 minutes?!? Why didn't Rachel Ray tell me about a pressure cooker? Sounds like you can now make (almost) anything a weeknight dinner. I'll need to google some pressure cooker recipes

  2. Well, I want to say we made ribs in 30 minutes because of the BBQing, but that would still fit in Rachel Rays' show!