Best Wedding Cake EVER!

Best cake ever! 
That's right, it was donuts.  And they were amazing!

I don't go to a ton of weddings, but I have been to a my share and I like the way couples are making the day special to them.  I have been to the wedding with cupcakes instead of cake and even to one that had an ice cream sundae bar.  Hands down, the donuts instead of cake has been my favorite so far.

This past weekend T's youngest brother Jay got married in Richmond, Virginia.  You might remember Jay from my trip to Hong Kong.  He is the pilot that lives there and he and Andrea (also in my Hong Kong adventure)  decide to tie the knot in her home town of Richmond, Virginia. 
The moment
I can't even image trying to organize a wedding from half way around the world, but they pulled it off and it was great to celebrate with them, meet Andrea's family and friends, and see some Virginia. The ceremony was at the Byrd Park Pump House.
The bros
I found a house to rent in Richmond that was awesome on VRBO.com (Vacation Rental By Owner).  We shared it with T's other brother Kanan and his wife Siska and daughter Amaryllis and with their mom.  Renting a house was such a good idea.  It gave us a kitchen and living room.  Everyone stopped by and we would hang out in the house, kitchen, back patio, living room, basically everywhere.  Everyone but me and Amaryllis (the three year old) drank coffee so the coffee pot was always going or beer was being opened.  The house was such a good idea, and for four days it became a home.   The picture of the brothers above is after the wedding.  T is close with his bothers and it was great that they got to spend time together.
The married couple
The wedding was short and beautiful (my favorite kind) and afterwards Jay and Andrea were so happy and excited.  Everyone was so happy for them!
Kanan and Siska
Here is another happy couple, T's brother Kanan and his wife Siska.
Reception tables
The reception was in a friends backyard and it was perfect.  There was finger foods, an open bar, and the DONUTS!  Early on no one touched the donuts but the kids soon started asking if they could have one and then it was game on for donuts.
Donut time
Here is Amaryllis feeding T a donut.  Amaryllis is T's niece and she loved him.  She called him Uncle Storii the first day (his name is Torii) but soon got his name correct and would wake up every morning looking for him yelling "Where's Uncle Storii!".  Basically T spent the trip hanging out with his niece. It seems like they were always together.  He said he was trying to win favorite uncle and when we left I am sure he had!

I had a great time in Richmond celebrating Jay and Andrea. It was great to see everyone and raise my glass to people I love.


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  1. I was just looking through our Richmond pictures. It was such a beautiful wedding and a great trip. A can't wait to hang out with her uncles and aunties in Italy!