Eating crow

Do you remember that bet I had with my Dad about who could lose 25 pounds first?  Good! Neither do I .....

Still reading?

I lost that bet.  You can read about it here, all the way back in 2009.

I guess I can be comforted that at least it took my Dad a long time to lose those 25 pounds, and I was right, he did plateau, but in the long run, he beat me.

I am actually really happy for him.  25 pounds is a lot and it only means he will be healthier, which is a good thing.

So how are we going to celebrate my loss?  With food of course!  I get to take out the group who was at the original bet.  I wish I would have won.  Then I would be twenty five pounds lighter and the winner.  It is like my dad had a double win.

There was a second bet and I hope to win that one, but we will see.  My Dad is on an eating right and exercising kick. There is a good chance I could be eating more crow next year......

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