planning for Italy 2014

Summer 2012 was a ..... learning summer for me.  I traveled to Ireland and Russia (both places on my list) and after each trip I decided it was time to go back to Italy.

I admit it.  Italy is my favorite place to travel.  Someone asked me why recently and the first thing that came to mind was the food.  But it was more than that.  It was the way lunch lasts for three hours.  Or the way strangers become friends.  The way Italians talk with their hands and every story is an adventure.  How there is an open bottle of wine on the table and sunflowers at the market in summer.  There is something about Italy that feels like home. Something that made me decide my summer 2014 trip is going to happen in Italy.

I have a few more plans.  Like I hope to stay in Bordighera, the home town of a friend of mine in the Italian Riviera.  I am taking Italian for the next two years so I can speak, or at least understand, some Italian when I go.  I am thinking of going for 3 weeks in the beginning of June.  I want to rent an apartment and am not sure if T or my sisters will be joining me.  I hope all of them do!  I get lonely when they are not around.

This trip is two years away, and I can't wait to go.  It looks like I will mostly be in the Ligurian region and on the Italian Riviera.  I might take a few trains rides to visit some surrounding towns, but mostly I am just looking to enjoy la dolce vita.



  1. Well, now you've convinced me to put Italy on my list, too! It sounds very peaceful and friendly!

  2. I can let you know my dates and you can come with me!