Running Richmond, VA

Richmond run w Jay
That drum pounding in my head, it's my heart beating.  The squeezing in my chest, those are my lungs fighting for air.  The cramp in my side started 5 minutes ago and still I push on.  This morning I went running with my 6'3" brother-in-law and I immediatly started feeling the agony of the 10 inch diffrence in our height.  Even now, hours after returning, my lungs still feel like I'm breathing through water.  My run today, it worked me.

I'm in Richmond for this bother-in-laws wedding actually.  I love to run in new cities and he offered to take me this morning.  The bride-to-be was going to join us but at the last minute decided she had too many things to do.  Totally understandable.  What with a wedding tomorrow and all.  So Jay and I headed to Belle Isle to get in a morning run.

I was stunned by the beauty of this place.  Having never been to Richmond, or the east coast for that matter, I loved coming across all the bones of our country.  In CA I think of our bones as the California Missions.  Here in Richmond, running around Belle Isle, we passed old bridges or a single wall of an old brick building.  I felt this sort of nastalga.  Kind of like what I imagine europeans feel when they see old castles.  A sense of pride for the people who built this country.  Or maybe I was just so grateful to have a reason to stop while I was running with Jay!

I usually run before the sun comes up but today we went out at 8am.  There is something to be said of running when you can actually see things.  The world is a beautiful place, and this place, Belle Isle, was worth seeing even if it was at a fast running pace.
Richmond run w Jay
A suspension bridge is the link to Belle Isle.  It hangs between two overhead roads and crosses the James River.  Above you can see Jay already ahead of me.  I caught up to him after this picture.  Below you can see some of the James River.  We don't have places like this in CA and I was immediatly drawn to the place.
Richmond run w Jay
Something about the way the light bounced off the rushing water while the muted sounds of cars overhead filtered through the scene that made me smile.

Jay and I ran around the isle and across to the other side.  We ran along the river and even tried to cross back to the island across some boulders crossing the river.  We made it to the other side, but then didn't want to risk poison oak crawling back to the trail.  We agreed to run to the suspension bridge and sprinted the last bit.  Jay of course left me in the dust and I couldn't talk when I finished my sprint.  I kind of wanted to throw up actually, but managed to hold it together.

We walked the bridge back to the car and started our day.  The sun was shining and Jay is getting married tomorrow. Life is good.
Richmond run w Jay

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  1. 1. You have been to the East Coast, lest we forget New York City?

    2. Who sent you that lovely inspiration quote?

    3. Way to go! Work it. Sweat is fat crying and pain is fear leaving the body.