Reflections: Lucky Dozen October

In October the little sister and I embarked on a Lucky Dozen challenge.  The goal was to take 12 items of clothing and wear them for the month.  How did it go?  I'm glad you asked..... I loved it!


I never had to think about what I was going to wear.

I know that might seem silly, but for a person who gets up at 5am and gets home at 9pm, it was like Christmas morning each time I looked at the Lucky Dozen calendar to see what to wear.  Additionally I wore combinations of clothing I had never worn before and got complements on outfits that were out of my comfort zone.  All in all it turned out to be a win for me.  You can see my outfits here.

The Little Sister also did the Lucky Dozen and her one complaint was that she got sick of wearing the same clothes.  Other friends mentioned they would probably feel the same way.  I think I didn't feel this way because I was already always wearing the same clothes.  I was not very creative when I needed to get dressed so early in the morning and most of my clothes were black, so the Lucky Dozen really spiced up my wardrobe. 

I do have a few confessions to make.  While the Lucky Dozen has 31 days of outfits, I only really followed it on the days I had to work or dress up.  I wasn't so fashionable on the weekends and was probably sporting jeans and a black sweater.  I'm okay with that.  I still loved the Lucky Dozen.

This whole challenge has got me thinking about clothing in a new way.  I look differently at the items in my closet and evaluate the new clothes I think of buying.  This concept will help me create great outfits when I travel and I am looking forward to using for Italy 2014.

I planned on doing another Lucky Dozen in November and picked out and numbered all my pieces.  The problem was that I didn't take pictures of my pieces or make the grid I made last time and that brought the Lucky Dozen November to a halt.  In October I made a grid of my clothing pieces and saved my grid, the Lucky Dozen grid, and the calendar as photos in my phone.  Each morning I would look at these photos to see what to wear.  It saved me tons of time.  On November 1st I went to start a new dozen and realized I hadn't made my grid.  After a little bit of thought, I decided to make November the month of skirts and dresses.  I don't wear very many skirts or dresses but noticed I have some nice ones in my closet.  I have some tights and boots and thought this was the month to give all of those items a chance to come out of the closet.   So November has turned into skirt and dress month, but my Lucky Dozen December will be ready to go when I need it!

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