What happens after you eat crow

I mean eat crow in the figurative sense, not the literal sense.

In this case I am talking about the bet I had with my Dad about losing weight.  The bet I lost.  And the crow I had because of it.

All that is in the past now, but in a funny way, I am really motivated to lose the weight I wanted to lose in that bet.  It's not for any bet or bragging rights now.  It's just for me.  And you know what,  I am losing that weight.  Slowly.  But it is leaving.

I have been using the LoseIt app for a few years off and on and a few months ago the Little Sister was encouraging me to win the bet with my Dad and said we should start using the LoseIt app again and be "friends" so we could keep each other accountable.  I am a big fan of that app and the "friend" feature is pretty cool.  My Mom is even using it now!  You basically log in all your food and exercise into LoseIt to keep track of your calories. We all use the app on our phones.  I have lost 8.5 pounds since I stared using LoseIt again.

Additionally, the Middle Sister has now decided that "Thin in 2013" is a new theme and has upped our running each week.  An other good thing as this Fall has been very busy and the only exercise I am getting is the running.

I am lucky to have sisters who:
  1. Encourage me in my goals
  2. Both feel the need to include me in theirs
An other thing that happened is that my Dad, at the crow dinner, told me if I could reach my goal by January 1st, he would take everyone out to dinner like I had done when I lost the bet.  (I know, celebrating weight loss with food, it's the family way!). I told him I would try but I don't think he realized how many pounds that was.  Truth be told, it was 19 pounds.

I asked a co-worker who teaches health classes if it was even feasible and he said it wasn't a good idea but that we should check my percentage of body fat to see how much I needed to lose. An other co-worker tried to jump on the betting band wagon and said he needed to lose 20 pounds by January 1st too.  My health co-worker said a pound for pound bet between a male and a female was not really fair and that we should look at our body fat percentages and make goals off of those.  We made an appointment to see him and did the body fat calibration.  Turns out we were both in the average percent and that we both wanted to get down to 15% body fat.  Ironically the weight number associated with 15% body fat for me is one pound over my original goal weight.  The health co-worker proposed a goal date of January 31st.  We accepted.

So what happens after you eat crow.  You get motivated.  You create goals.  And you see which one you can meet.  These are some current goals, some more reasonable than others.
  • 10 pounds by January 1-doing this one with the sisters
  • Goal weight by January 1 -doing this one so Dad will buy dinner
  • 15% body fat goal weight by January 31 - doing this one with a co-worker
I also have 5 pound goals and buy myself something each time I reach that goal.  I have a list of things I want and it is nice to have rewards for reaching my goals.

With the holiday season approaching I am not worried.  I am sure I will be running more and eating a little less on the days that are around holiday gatherings.  I feel like the wheel has started to roll down the hill and I want to keep it going.

Wish me luck!

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