Seasonal Spa Day

Years ago I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and the bachelorette party was a spa weekend in Palm Springs.  It was fabulous and that weekend I decided that I shouldn't wait for a friend to get married to have a spa day.  I came home and told my sisters we should try to have a spa day every time the season changed. 

Over the years I have marked my calendar with the first day of spring, winter, fall, and summer.  Some years we get to the spa on those days and some years we might miss one or two seasons.  But overall we try to make it to the spa to take a few hours out of our crazy lives for ourselves.
The weekend before Christmas we had a spa day at the Pacific Waters Spa at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach.  This was my third trip to Pacific Waters and I enjoy the space.
The spa is tucked into a corner of the Hyatt but you can tell you are leaving the hotel and coming to a new area because you cross a koi pond with a water feature.  Soothing running water welcomes you into the spa and you can tell relaxation awaits.....
This spa has some features I love.  A salt water spa, steam room and sauna, rain showers, inside and outside relaxation rooms, tea, spa water, and  snacks.  During the summer is is nice to sit outside and during this stay it was nice to sit by the fire inside.
Spa treatments are not inexpensive and I find the once every three months to work within my budget.  I usually get a facial when I go to the spa and I love it.  I feel like my face is glowing when I leave, but that might just be the low lights of the spa......
Seasonal Spa Day is something I always look forward to.  I think it is important to take care of myself and to make ME a priority in my life.  I feel that if I am health and happy, then I can be the best version of myself.  And let's be honest, the best version of ourselves is who we always want to be.

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