Xmas Farmer's Market

I started this blog to track travel, eating, and farmer's markets.  Looking over the past few months, I have been lacking in my farmer's market posts.  Sorry about that.  I do miss the farmer's market some weeks and that makes me sad because then I don't have many fruits and vegetables to eat.  But I have been going during the month of December and the Whole30 thing even inspired T to join me a few times.  This past weekend I went to two farmer's markets (on Saturday and Sunday) to get some items for Xmas meals and to stock up on some supplies to take to Mammoth (T has been up there for a week and sent me a farmer's market list to bring up after Xmas).

So here is what I purchased this week at the Farmer's Market:

Brussel Sprouts:  cut the stems, chop them in half, toss with olive oil and salt, and roast in the oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  Shake the pan a few times during the roasting process.  Serve with more salt if needed.

T loves these and makes them so they are crunchy and crisp on the outside.
Sweet Potatoes: I love sweet potatotes.  They are one of my favorite things to find at the farmer's market.  T has been making sweet potato fries when he roasts the brussel sprouts.
sweet potato
Broccoli:  I have been stir-frying this with spice sausage.  Yum!
Mandarins: A T request, but I love when these show up in the market too.  My favorites are satsumas, but I always taste test these before buying (as you should if they have samples at the farmer's market).  I like the sweet ones.
Cabbage: Green and red.  A T request from Mammoth as our hosts are going to make something delicious with it.
red and green cabbage
Mushrooms: adding these to salads
Avocados: These are also amazing right now and T sent me a recipe for a Christmas Salad that has avocado and pomegranate seeds in it. I have tons of pomegranates from my Mom's tree from the jelly making day so this salad will be making an appearance this week.
Strawberries: I am sorry to say, I bought strawberries at the Farmer's Market this weekend.  I am going to use them in a Christmas brunch fruit salad.  I have a hard time buying strawberries in December because they pale in comparison to the strawberries of summer, but they tasted good and I bought them.
Not pictured:
Bok Choy: I grabbed this for some healthy stir-fry.
Cauliflower: a T request for Mammoth.
Blueberries:  a taste test had me buying blueberries for a Christmas brunch fruit salad too.

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