Salads and the 30 Day Shred

January is fast coming to an end and 2013 is in full swing. I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions, instead I make goals for the year and have a "theme" each year. And just to make sure I really think things over before I commit to them for a year, I wait for Chinese New Year to decide on my goals. I still have a week and a half to figure everything out, but in the spirit of the new year, other goals have found their way to me. One is a personal goal of bringing a really big salad to work for lunch. Three of my work days each week have me eating lunch and dinner at work and I thought this would be a good way to eat my vegetables. Another goal / challenge that came my way was to do an other round of The 30 Day Shred with some co-workers. I accepted and thought I would add the salads to the 30 days and see how I do.

Wish me luck!


a day at the Getty Villa

A few weekends ago the Little Sister and I went to the Getty Villa in Malibu.  It was part of her birthday weekend celebrations and we had a great time.  The weather was stormy on the drive up, but the rain held off during our visit and we got to enjoy the gardens and views.
We took the first garden tour of the day and it ended up being a private tour as everyone else seemed to want to do the architecture tour.  The villa itself was smaller than I thought it would be, but that might be because the Getty Center is so big. 
We browsed some of the art work on display and eventually decided to leave.  We drove around Malibu a bit and then the Little Sister dropped me off at LAX to go pick up T.

If you are planning to visit the Getty Villa, be sure to check out their website.  You need advanced tickets and parking is $15.  I enjoyed the Getty Villa, but prefer the Getty Center if I had to choose.  I prefer the art collections housed at the Getty Center and the modern architecture.  Both places have spectacular gardens but the Getty Center is more my style.

Have you been to the Getty Villa or Getty Center?  Which one do you prefer?


My "Christmas Salad" obsession

I am obsessed with a Christmas Salad recipe T found on the internet.  It is a spinach salad with pomegranate seeds, avocado, and lemon.  My Mom has an awesome lemon tree and a great pomegranate tree that are both at their peak this time of year.  Avocados are showing up in the farmer's markets so this salad has been making appearances a lot at my table.  I might be slightly obsessed.  It is DELICIOUS! 

Check it out at http://fitfoodist.com/christmas-salad/


a slight change of plans

This past winter holiday I had a great time in Mammoth with T.  We went skiing / snowboarding, spent some time cooking together, hung out with the fish whisperer and his wife, and just had a really good time together.  This trip was fabulous.  I even missed him when I went home.  I visited T for a week in Mammoth but he was going to stay and ski for his whole winter break. We had some weekend trips planned during the rest of the season.  He was on day 21 (in a row) when I got a call from him.

He was in the hospital. He had fallen while skiing, had to take the sled ride down the hill, and was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance.  Turns out he ripped his ACL and needed to get surgery.  I flew up the next day to drive him home.

So first of all, some things I am greatful for:
  • T was skiing with the fish whisperer when he fell.  He knew he hurt himself but thought he would try to ski to the bottom of the hill.  That didn't happen.  He and the fish whisperer flagged down Mammoth ski patrol who called the "sled" to take him down the hill.  T speaks very highly of the ski patrol and they told him that Mammoth has a contract with the local hospital and an ambulance ride to ER was a free service they offered.  T decided to take the ambulance and gave his keys to the Fish Whisperer and told him to keep skiing.  He would call him from the hospital when he knew what was up.
Here they are the morning of the fall.
  • By taking the ambulance to emergency, T was taken right in and didn't have to wait to be seen.  The ER doctor must see injuries like this all the time and knew what it was immediately.  In addition to a Grade 3 ACL tear, T also cracked some ribs.  Ouch!  Technology is great and all his xrays were put on a CD for him.  He has a big knee brace and is on crutches.
  • By the time I showed up the next day, T was being very well taken care of by Mrs. Fish Whisperer.  He was in a recliner in their house, knee elevated, and always iced.  I am so glad that the Fish Whisperers were there for T.  They picked him up from the hospital and made sure he was okay.
  • In addition to being grateful for these things, I am grateful to my sisters.  They took care of Samson on very short notice and dropped me off at the airport.
I arrived in Mammoth and had planned on driving T home the next day.  He was in some pain, but most of it was his ribs.  He had been doing a lot of research on knee surgeons and the next day as I was packing the car he was busy making phone calls and doing research on the internet.  To make a long story a little shorter I will just let you know that he decided to go with an ER recommended doctor in Mammoth.  Turns out he works on the US ski and snowboarding team.  Nothing short of the best for T!  He made an appointment for Thursday and we were on our way home.

We were back in Mammoth on Thursday to see the doctor and it turns out in addition to a Grade 3 ACL he also had a Grade 2 MCL and a possible meniscus tear.  T had to get an MRI and I got in a little snowboarding (T insisted I go).

So it looks like our winter is going to have a slight change of plans.  Instead of us going up for skiing / snowboarding trips, T is going to have surgery on his knee and a lot of rehab.  The doctor said it will probably take 8 months to fully recover.  Which is good, becuase T wants to ski over Thanksgiving......


Surviving the Whole 30

T and I did the Whole 30 during the holiday season and January 2nd was the day it ended.  January 2nd was also the first day I had a glass of wine in over 30 days.  I really missed red wine.

So, how did it go?  Pretty well I think.  I have to say that T and I had different experiences during the Whole30, but overall it was a positive experience for both of us.

T reported feeling healthy (we started this because he was feeling off) having more energy, sleeping better and just feeling really good.  While I was excited to have a glass of wine when it was over, T has continued to stay on the Whole 30 plan.  Plants and animals are what he has been eating.  He has also been cooking a lot and that is my FAVORITE thing about the Whole 30 experience.

I followed the Whole 30 plan and didn't feel too different from how I normally feel.  Maybe it is because I am lucky to be a person who sleeps pretty well and for the most part, eats well and exercises.   I mentioned above that I loved that T cooked so much and that was, for me, the best thing about the Whole 30.

I read, It Starts With Food, the book that is about the Whole 30 (you can also learn about in on their website)  and it wasn't any new information.  There are a lot of foods that people have some sort of reaction to.  The Whole 30 just tries to remove the foods for 30 days to kind of re-start or clean out the body.  While I didn't feel a difference when I was doing the Whole 30, I did feel a difference when I started introducing foods back into my diet.

So a word about "reintroduction".  It was not my plan to try to reintroduce foods I hadn't been eating back into my daily meals.   I was perfectly happy eating plants and animals.  If I had the occasional glass of wine or piece of chocolate, all my other meals could be Whole 30 approved.  But, I realized it is really hard to stick with the Whole 30 when you don't eat at home or other people bring over food.  For example over the last 4 days I have had 3 days that were not Whole 30 friendly.  One day someone brought dinner over, one day I went out to dinner, and one day I ate a someone's home.  Did I notice I felt different when I had ice cream, grains, and bread?  I did.  And these things made me feel, not as good as I had been feeling.  They made me realize that I need to decided if those things are worth it.

I'm finding myself in an odd place right now.  It was easy to say no to things during the Whole 30.  I would just say, "I'm doing this 30 day eating thing....." and people would let it go.  Now I feel like I can't really say that.  I feel like I have turned into this really picky eater and I am trying to find a way live with that.  It's hard.  I don't want to be defined by what I eat or don't eat.  I just want to be me.  A person who likes to eat food and likes to eat food that makes me feel good.

I'm treading in unknown waters, but I am sure I will find my way.  The funny thing is that the Whole30 wasn't that hard, it is the after part that is more difficult then I imagined it would be.

I forgot to mention the weight loss details from the Whole 30.  According to the book you are not supposed to weigh yourself during the Whole 30.  T did not weigh himself, but I was using LoseIt with the Little Sister and continued to weigh myself.  I lost 6 pounds during the Whole 30 but I was also watching my calorie intake.  T lost 17 pounds.  He also was skiing about 5 hours a day during a lot of that time, but 17 pounds!  That is awesome.


Snowboarding is finally fun

Eight days ago I started my fourth year of snowboarding.  Reading over my previous posts on the topic, I realized I was almost always having fun when I went snowboarding until last year.  Don't get me wrong, I did have fun last year, but I was hit twice on the slopes, lost a lot of confidence, and had to deal with really bad snow.  In spite of it not being a great year, I apparently practiced my basics and those seem to be paying off this year.

Even though I say it is my fourth year snowborading I think the numbers need to be addressed.
  • Year one: 3 days
  • Year two: 4 days
  • Year three: 10-12 days
  • This year: 6 days (so far)
Year one and two were pretty light on the actual days I went snowboarding and this was probably because T and I would drive up to Tahoe to ski during those years.  Last year we bought passes to Mammoth and used the Airstream as a home base in Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is about an hour and a half from Mammoth and that drive got old really quickly.  But we got in more days and bought passes to Mammoth again this year.  Lucky for us, our friend the Fish Whisperer transferred to a job at the base of Mammoth Mountain this year and opened up a bedroom in the house for us.  Now we are about 10 minutes from the hill and I feel like we won the lottery on this one!

So year 4 was off to a great start.  And then it started snowing, which made the year even better!  T took off to go skiing as soon as he could and had ten days logged when I arrived the day after Christmas.  The next day I was up early and we were off to the ski hill.  I was cautious with my snowboarding and stuck to the green runs for the first few days but then started getting bored.  T came to ski with me one day and filmed me boarding.  He had been pressuring me to get an other lesson to move to the blue runs.  After skiing with me, he said that he had thought I needed a lesson because I wasn't ready to move to the blue runs.  Now he said he realized I was just scared of the blue runs.  I had all the skills I needed to make it down the hill, I just wasn't ready mentally.  So true.  I watched the video of myself snowboarding and the next day hit up some blue runs.  The snow was so nice and fluffy that it cushioned all my falls.  I made it down some blue runs and had a great day.  The next few days I stayed on the blues and was able to try some new runs.

Between Christmas and New Year's I snowboarded 6 days in a row.  I had a great time snowboarding and enjoyed having a vacation with T in Mammoth.  He is there for a few more days but we have some other dates on the calendar.  I hope we have more snow this year and look forward to more time on the blue runs!

Wish me luck.


Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

T and I have been off the grid since Christmas and I just made it back to a world with Internet. No big deal.... I can live without the Internet. We have been skiing / snowboarding and I can't wait to show off some of the great pictures T took. I have a little catching up to do. Over the next few days look for:

Snowboarding is finally fun
Surviving the Whole30
A day at the Getty Villa
My Christmas Salad obsession

Thanks for stopping by EveryAUGUST and Happy New Year! 2013 is going to be amazing.