a slight change of plans

This past winter holiday I had a great time in Mammoth with T.  We went skiing / snowboarding, spent some time cooking together, hung out with the fish whisperer and his wife, and just had a really good time together.  This trip was fabulous.  I even missed him when I went home.  I visited T for a week in Mammoth but he was going to stay and ski for his whole winter break. We had some weekend trips planned during the rest of the season.  He was on day 21 (in a row) when I got a call from him.

He was in the hospital. He had fallen while skiing, had to take the sled ride down the hill, and was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance.  Turns out he ripped his ACL and needed to get surgery.  I flew up the next day to drive him home.

So first of all, some things I am greatful for:
  • T was skiing with the fish whisperer when he fell.  He knew he hurt himself but thought he would try to ski to the bottom of the hill.  That didn't happen.  He and the fish whisperer flagged down Mammoth ski patrol who called the "sled" to take him down the hill.  T speaks very highly of the ski patrol and they told him that Mammoth has a contract with the local hospital and an ambulance ride to ER was a free service they offered.  T decided to take the ambulance and gave his keys to the Fish Whisperer and told him to keep skiing.  He would call him from the hospital when he knew what was up.
Here they are the morning of the fall.
  • By taking the ambulance to emergency, T was taken right in and didn't have to wait to be seen.  The ER doctor must see injuries like this all the time and knew what it was immediately.  In addition to a Grade 3 ACL tear, T also cracked some ribs.  Ouch!  Technology is great and all his xrays were put on a CD for him.  He has a big knee brace and is on crutches.
  • By the time I showed up the next day, T was being very well taken care of by Mrs. Fish Whisperer.  He was in a recliner in their house, knee elevated, and always iced.  I am so glad that the Fish Whisperers were there for T.  They picked him up from the hospital and made sure he was okay.
  • In addition to being grateful for these things, I am grateful to my sisters.  They took care of Samson on very short notice and dropped me off at the airport.
I arrived in Mammoth and had planned on driving T home the next day.  He was in some pain, but most of it was his ribs.  He had been doing a lot of research on knee surgeons and the next day as I was packing the car he was busy making phone calls and doing research on the internet.  To make a long story a little shorter I will just let you know that he decided to go with an ER recommended doctor in Mammoth.  Turns out he works on the US ski and snowboarding team.  Nothing short of the best for T!  He made an appointment for Thursday and we were on our way home.

We were back in Mammoth on Thursday to see the doctor and it turns out in addition to a Grade 3 ACL he also had a Grade 2 MCL and a possible meniscus tear.  T had to get an MRI and I got in a little snowboarding (T insisted I go).

So it looks like our winter is going to have a slight change of plans.  Instead of us going up for skiing / snowboarding trips, T is going to have surgery on his knee and a lot of rehab.  The doctor said it will probably take 8 months to fully recover.  Which is good, becuase T wants to ski over Thanksgiving......

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