Snowboarding is finally fun

Eight days ago I started my fourth year of snowboarding.  Reading over my previous posts on the topic, I realized I was almost always having fun when I went snowboarding until last year.  Don't get me wrong, I did have fun last year, but I was hit twice on the slopes, lost a lot of confidence, and had to deal with really bad snow.  In spite of it not being a great year, I apparently practiced my basics and those seem to be paying off this year.

Even though I say it is my fourth year snowborading I think the numbers need to be addressed.
  • Year one: 3 days
  • Year two: 4 days
  • Year three: 10-12 days
  • This year: 6 days (so far)
Year one and two were pretty light on the actual days I went snowboarding and this was probably because T and I would drive up to Tahoe to ski during those years.  Last year we bought passes to Mammoth and used the Airstream as a home base in Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is about an hour and a half from Mammoth and that drive got old really quickly.  But we got in more days and bought passes to Mammoth again this year.  Lucky for us, our friend the Fish Whisperer transferred to a job at the base of Mammoth Mountain this year and opened up a bedroom in the house for us.  Now we are about 10 minutes from the hill and I feel like we won the lottery on this one!

So year 4 was off to a great start.  And then it started snowing, which made the year even better!  T took off to go skiing as soon as he could and had ten days logged when I arrived the day after Christmas.  The next day I was up early and we were off to the ski hill.  I was cautious with my snowboarding and stuck to the green runs for the first few days but then started getting bored.  T came to ski with me one day and filmed me boarding.  He had been pressuring me to get an other lesson to move to the blue runs.  After skiing with me, he said that he had thought I needed a lesson because I wasn't ready to move to the blue runs.  Now he said he realized I was just scared of the blue runs.  I had all the skills I needed to make it down the hill, I just wasn't ready mentally.  So true.  I watched the video of myself snowboarding and the next day hit up some blue runs.  The snow was so nice and fluffy that it cushioned all my falls.  I made it down some blue runs and had a great day.  The next few days I stayed on the blues and was able to try some new runs.

Between Christmas and New Year's I snowboarded 6 days in a row.  I had a great time snowboarding and enjoyed having a vacation with T in Mammoth.  He is there for a few more days but we have some other dates on the calendar.  I hope we have more snow this year and look forward to more time on the blue runs!

Wish me luck.

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