Surviving the Whole 30

T and I did the Whole 30 during the holiday season and January 2nd was the day it ended.  January 2nd was also the first day I had a glass of wine in over 30 days.  I really missed red wine.

So, how did it go?  Pretty well I think.  I have to say that T and I had different experiences during the Whole30, but overall it was a positive experience for both of us.

T reported feeling healthy (we started this because he was feeling off) having more energy, sleeping better and just feeling really good.  While I was excited to have a glass of wine when it was over, T has continued to stay on the Whole 30 plan.  Plants and animals are what he has been eating.  He has also been cooking a lot and that is my FAVORITE thing about the Whole 30 experience.

I followed the Whole 30 plan and didn't feel too different from how I normally feel.  Maybe it is because I am lucky to be a person who sleeps pretty well and for the most part, eats well and exercises.   I mentioned above that I loved that T cooked so much and that was, for me, the best thing about the Whole 30.

I read, It Starts With Food, the book that is about the Whole 30 (you can also learn about in on their website)  and it wasn't any new information.  There are a lot of foods that people have some sort of reaction to.  The Whole 30 just tries to remove the foods for 30 days to kind of re-start or clean out the body.  While I didn't feel a difference when I was doing the Whole 30, I did feel a difference when I started introducing foods back into my diet.

So a word about "reintroduction".  It was not my plan to try to reintroduce foods I hadn't been eating back into my daily meals.   I was perfectly happy eating plants and animals.  If I had the occasional glass of wine or piece of chocolate, all my other meals could be Whole 30 approved.  But, I realized it is really hard to stick with the Whole 30 when you don't eat at home or other people bring over food.  For example over the last 4 days I have had 3 days that were not Whole 30 friendly.  One day someone brought dinner over, one day I went out to dinner, and one day I ate a someone's home.  Did I notice I felt different when I had ice cream, grains, and bread?  I did.  And these things made me feel, not as good as I had been feeling.  They made me realize that I need to decided if those things are worth it.

I'm finding myself in an odd place right now.  It was easy to say no to things during the Whole 30.  I would just say, "I'm doing this 30 day eating thing....." and people would let it go.  Now I feel like I can't really say that.  I feel like I have turned into this really picky eater and I am trying to find a way live with that.  It's hard.  I don't want to be defined by what I eat or don't eat.  I just want to be me.  A person who likes to eat food and likes to eat food that makes me feel good.

I'm treading in unknown waters, but I am sure I will find my way.  The funny thing is that the Whole30 wasn't that hard, it is the after part that is more difficult then I imagined it would be.

I forgot to mention the weight loss details from the Whole 30.  According to the book you are not supposed to weigh yourself during the Whole 30.  T did not weigh himself, but I was using LoseIt with the Little Sister and continued to weigh myself.  I lost 6 pounds during the Whole 30 but I was also watching my calorie intake.  T lost 17 pounds.  He also was skiing about 5 hours a day during a lot of that time, but 17 pounds!  That is awesome.

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