Classic Sherry Vinaigrette

Classic Sherry Vinaigrette
One of my goals for this year was to make every vinaigrette in the Modern Sauces cookbook.  Maybe I was inspired by the Little Sister and her cooking. Maybe I thought every vinaigrette looked amazing in the book and couldn't decide which one to try.  I don't know why I made it a goal, but it seemed doable and tasty.  Two things that seemed good to me at the time.

In preparation for the year of vinaigrette, and sauces in T's case, we ventured out this last weekend in search of some whisks.  T went with a classic Oxo Whisk but I fell for the Super Whisk at Sur La Table.  When you look at the picture it looks like a whisk with a long handle and doesn't look good for whisking things BUT if you put the whisk part on a hard surface or in a bowl and push down on the handle the whisk part spins!  It is so cool!

I started with the first vinaigrette in the book, the Classic Sherry Vinaigrette.  This was a very simple vinaigrette with olive oil, sherry vinegar, Dijon mustard, and salt and pepper.  It was okay and I liked it but what I really liked were all the ways the author told you how to change up the recipe.  The next time I used the same recipe, but used red wine vinegar instead of sherry vinegar.  Much better!  There are a few more variations to try with the classic vinaigrette, but I can see it was a good decision to start testing these out.  I am loving them!


always bring running shoes

A few weeks ago T had knee surgery after his skiing accident.  He had decided to go with a surgeon in Mammoth and in my haste to pack and the memory of what the weather had been last time I was up there, I forgot to bring running shoes.

Big mistake.

I know I should ALWAYS bring running shoes.  The week I was up with T for his surgery was no exception.  The weather was fairly nice and I might have even gone for a run if I had the correct shoes.  Instead all I had were my snow boots.  For a week I reviewed all my packing lists and every single one has running shoes on it.  I guess it pays to read those before you pack....

So note to self:  Always bring running shoes, because I regret it when I don't and use them when I do.


GKK Library Remodel Cameo

Check out my cameo in this video about the renovated library at work.

Here is a link to the project from GKKworks (the architects) and a little write up here


Year of the Snake: Goals

Happy Chinese New Year!  I wonder what this year will be like.

Every year I wait for the Chinese New Year to make my goals for the year and come up with a theme. Thinks always seem crazy around Christmas and I seem to catch my breath by the time Chinese New Year comes around.  I don't feel like I am rushing my goals and I usually think I have thought things through when it comes to my decisions for the year.

You can see my past goals here:

Year of the Tiger: Goals
1000 mile challenge

Last year was Year of the Dragon and here is the check up to see how I did on my goals.
1. Food photo shoot once a month.
-------Mostly yes.
I am going to say I mostly completed this goal.  Originally I think I envisioned it to be different then it ended up being.  What ended up happening is that the Little Sister decided to cook through a cookbook and T and I were her taste testers.  Our only job was to take pictures of the food for her blog.  You and see some of my handwork here.
2. Lose 5 pounds a month until I complete the 25 pound challenge.
-------No.  I did not make this goal.  
First of all my Dad ended up winning the bet.  You can read about it here. And seeing as it took me a year to lose 12 pounds, I can see that was a very unrealistic goal.  Looks like I didn't think that one through too well.  But I am still celebrating the 12 pound loss and going to continue working on those other pounds. 
3. Run 5 miles in an hour.
I ran 5 miles in an hour very early on in the New Year.  It didn't end up increasing any of my runs in the future, but at least I reached my goal.  What can I say, I am a slow runner....
4. Complete Rosetta Stone Italian.
I did not complete Rosetta Stone but I did sign up for Italian classes and am in my second semester right now.  The truth is that I do much better in a structured class so I decided to do the thing that works for me.  The class makes for long days, but at least I am learning Italian!

My Year of the Snake goals and theme are still a work in progress at this time.  My life had a slight changes of plans when T fell on the ski hill and I feel like I have been wrapped up with him and that issue for the last few weeks.   It's made me realize that I need to be grateful for more things.  Grateful that his fall wasn't worse.  Grateful for a job where I could take time off to be with him. Grateful to my family and friends for all their support.

All this gratefulness made me want to make the theme of this year Being Grateful.  But that sounds to zen like, to at peace with myself, and I feel like a bit of a fraud by saying my goal is Being Grateful.  Because I am grateful, but I feel unbalanced and more like I am walking a tightrope than having a Buddhist moment.  I feel uncomfortable with that theme want to come up with a better one for the year.  It seems to be a work in progress.

I do have a few goals for the year. 
  1. Slow and Steady weight loss.
  2. Year of the Vinaigrette.  Make every vinaigrette in the Modern Sauces book.
  3. Italian.  I will keep learning Italian and will continue to take classes.
  4. House to Home. Multiple projects in my mind to make the house our home.
  5. Use it or lose it. Using the things I have, or getting rid of them.
  6. Manage my money. 
Wish me luck and let me know if you can think of a good theme for the New Year!

Months after writing this I found that the phrase that kept coming to mind when I thought of the year was "Use it, or Lose It".  That kind of became my theme for the year and I like it!  So in the summer I am looking forward to taking a good look at what I need to lose!