Agua Fresca: take 1

This past Saturday T and I had the family over for a taco night. The weather had been so nice that I thought tacos might be a good change from our traditional Italian suppers. I was trying to figure out what to drink and was inspired to make Agua Frescas after having lunch at Taco Mesa on Thursday.

I had never made Agua Fresca before and turned to the internet for some inspiration. After weeding through some sites, I found these two to be pretty helpful when it came to recipes.

Agua Fresca Recipes: 10 Refreshing Drink Ideas from the Huffington Post
Try these 'fresh waters' for summer drinking from DailyCamera

I adapted the Cucumber-Lime-Mint Agua Fresca from the Huffington Post and tried the Strawberry-Jamaica (hibiscus) Agua Fresca from Daily Camera.  

Here are my thoughts after my first attempt at Agua Frescas:
  1. I will be making these all summer!  Great BBQ drinks that can be served alone, with sparkling water, or with alcohol.
  2. If I was making these just for me to drink I would/ will not add the sugar.  I have been steering clear of most sugar and I am thinking I will make a batch of these and drink them with sparkling water like I did all weekend.  To stay feeling well, having them with out sugar is the best bet for me.
  3. Linked to my comment above is my thought that the Strawberry-Hibiscus Agua Fresca would probably be much better in the summer when the strawberries are at their best.  The strawberries at the Farmer's Market are just okay right now and the Strawberry-Hibiscus Agua Fresca I made needed to be doctored a bit to taste good.
  4. The Cucumber-Lime-Mint Agua Fresca was amazing!  It was a very green color and had flecks of mint in it (I was afraid it would be in my teeth) but the combination of flavors was incredible and all the ingredients were at the Farmer's Markets and in season.  That one will be made again.
Overall I was really excited with the agua frescas I tried and am looking forward to trying new flavors.    I highly recommend them!  I even found a recipe with serrano chills in it.  Dare I try that one?

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  1. Looks delicious! Our favorite (and only) Mexican place in Memphis had amazing agua frescas. I thought they were much harder to make.