Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?  It must be close because I feel like I am barely treading water right now.  Work is crazy.  Personal life is overbooked. The only thing I seem to be able to cut out is sleeping and exercise.  Not a good idea.  I can't wait for summer.  I am counting down the days!

Last summer I might have overbooked myself with Russia, Ireland, and an Eastern Sierra camping trip.  And by might, I mean I did.  Those trips were great, but at the end of summer I felt like I never really got a chance to catch my breath.  

This summer T and I were going to take a trip to Glacier National Park in the airstream.  He had some projects he wanted to finish in the airstream before we went on the trip, but his skiing fall put a stop to that.  Until two days ago he was going to go on a fly fishing trip in the Florida Keys but now that has been canceled too.

Some other options have presented themselves and we are considering them, but one thing I know for sure is that this summer our house is going to get some love!  I've talked about our house a little bit on this blog and over time it has become our home.  It is small, but I think of it as a sanctuary most of the time.

This summer I have decided to start working on maximizing our kitchen.  We have a galley kitchen and over time we have updated it bit by bit.  It started with a new counter-depth refrigerator (that we scored at Costco for a great price because it didn't say it was a counter-depth fridge!  It pays to know your measurements.) and then a pantry next to that.  T put up a chalk board for me on the wall opposite the stove. The washer and dryer that was in the kitchen was moved to outside when the house was getting re-piped after our awful slab leak.  I put a half bookcase in that space and built a makeshift countertop over it.  T added a few shelves and that space became coffee central for awhile.  The last thing we did was build the hanging pegboard pot rack above and below the chalkboard.
What next?  I like to think of it as Phase 1 of the kitchen cabinets.  In Phase 1, we will be working with the top half of the kitchen.  Our upper kitchen cabinets are attached to a soffit and I want that thing to go so we can raise the kitchen cabinets and get some more storage space.  When you have a small space, every bit of real-estate counts.

So this summer we are going to work on that project.  I am working on a plan and gathering some inspiration on Pinterist.  I am hoping to get this project completed during the month of June.  I will post updates.

Wish us luck!

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