A weekend at Hot Creek

This past weekend T, Samson, and I headed up to the Mammoth Lakes area and stayed with our friend at Hot Creek. We arrived late Thursday night and stayed until Monday. T had a goal to fish (big surprise) and I wanted to paint the bedroom.

I am not sure if I have mentioned how lucky we are to have some friends who work in the Mammoth area and have an extra bedroom they have basically given to us to use whenever we want. They even said we could paint it. I spent all winter living with the four walls being a very dark brown and this weekend I got a chance to paint it! (See picture of brown walls).

Months ago I did a paint test (see the hearts on the wall in the photo above) to see what color I wanted to paint the bedroom. I was planning on painting three walls and leaving the wall behind the bed brown and painting it brown and white stripes at an other time.

Friday morning I woke up and when T went fishing I got to work. I was on my second wall when he came back. Paint is amazing and instantly brightened up the room. It looked great. We both took naps on Friday, (sometimes the altitude change gets to me) and then had dinner with our friend and we all went to soak in one of the natural hot springs in the area.

Saturday morning was a repeat of Friday with T fishing and me finishing up the paint job. The room looks so much better / brighter now. I really liked it. I went with Lady Fingers by Benjamin Moore. Here is the view of the wall at the foot of the bed. The picture is one of T's of our first trailer that we got for a dollar. We called it "The Blue Light Special" and this is a photo from Blackrock, near Joshua Tree National Park. The Blue Light was fun, but T was too tall for it and needed to tilt his head whenever he was inside. When the opportunity presented itself, we traded The Blue Light for the airstream we have now! But I love that picture.....

After lunch we headed out to hike to Crystal Lake. T is four months out after knee surgery so I found a moderate hike that looked like fun. This hike is out of the Mammoth Lakes basin with the trail head at Lake George. Here is some more information and you can even find it on YELP.

It took about an hour to get to Crystal Lake and T rocked the hike. The only reason I could tell that he was recovering from knee surgery is because I could keep up with him (for the most part), usually he is way ahead of me. There was some snow patches on the trail and that slowed him down a bit but overall he did great. We spent about an hour at Crystal Lake and T fished and I might have napped..... The hike back is almost all downhill so the heart rate was not as high as it was on the way up. I enjoyed the hike to Crystal Lake and and was happy to see T did too!

Sunday morning T went fishing and I went for a bike ride. The weather had been fabulous (mid 80's) for our trip and I set out early to enjoy the day. T had said he would be back at 10 and wanted to go to Rock Creek Lake to try to get some Pie in the Sky. Rock Creek Lake is south of Mammoth and a place my Nana Sally always talked about. I had never visited it when she was still alive, but stop by a lot now. There is great hiking there and the infamous Pie in the Sky cafe. Last summer the Little Sister and I stopped by and had a slice of pie there but T has never gotten there when they still had pie. This Sunday, he was going to change that.

We arrived at Pie in the Sky for lunch and T immediately ordered the Boysenberry Pie to have as dessert after we had our bacon burgers. I ended up ordering the Lemon Cream Pie. Both were good but I think the Boysenberry one was better.

After lunch we hiked to Long Lake and this time T left me in the dust on the way back. He said his knee was feeling great and he was excited about our hiking. He did some fishing at Long Lake and we took a lot of pictures on the hike. On the way back we stopped by Pie in the Sky to see if they had any pie left, but they were out. That's okay. Two pieces of pie were probably enough for the day.
Starting out the hike.

T feeling good near Heart Lake.
T fishing Long Lake. You can see him on the right.
A better picture of Heart Lake on the way back.
No Pie for You! Sold out of pie at Pie in the Sky.

That night we BBQed with our friend and ate outside. Then T went fishing (like every night) and I enjoyed the warm evening breeze. It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to coming back at the end of the month to hike, bike, and see what other adventures present themselves. T is talking about bringing the canoe up and that could be fun!
Until next time Eastern Sierra......


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  1. Great photo for the summer! I really like it. ~mumzy