Paleo June

I love the month of June! It starts off summer, has the longest daylight hours all year, and is usually the month I travel (now that I start work in mid-August). Sometimes we get "June gloom" in SoCal, but I am hoping it doesn't show up too much this month. Fingers crossed!
June is the month I officially start my self imposed summer schedule and I have my first hot yoga class Monday at 5:30am! I start week 2 of Ripped in 30 Monday and the month of June is going to be all about eating paleo. T and the Little Sister are on board for Paleo June and we are off to a good start.

I thought I might tell you about a few of my favorite paleo recipes during this month. I love the citrus carnitas from the Well Fed cookbook! I just made a batch today. Lucky for you, the author has a blog and she (Melissa) posted the recipe for you here! I just noticed she has a pressure cooker note at the bottom and think T and I will need to try this as they do take a while to cook.....
On a side note: I LOVE Melissa's book Well Fed. I highly recommend it. It is a paleo cookbook by a person who loves to eat and who understands food flavor levels. My copy has multiple recipes tagged and I love that the book came with a PDF version I use on my iPad. She also has tons of recipes on her blog!

Eating paleo is not hard for me because I love meat, fruits, and vegetables. Even bread isn't that hard to live without but I do have a bit of a sweet tooth and sometimes that can be hard. My sweet tooth is more like a chocolate tooth, and I every once in a while give in to my cravings for semi sweet chocolate chips..... I won't be having any in June, but I will be having some Paleo Chocolate Mousse! Thank you Pinterest for bring me this recipe. As with any dessert, I will be eating this in moderation, but I was so happy to find this recipe and have tested it out and really liked it.
The Little Sister made some paleo sloppy joe's (I will try to get her recipe) and then put it inside an acorn squash and baked it! So good.

T and I will be eating lots of steak (remember I Love Meat) and I love having some chimichurri sauce with it. This is an other Well Fed staple. As is the Cauliflower Rice Pilaf. This recipe from her blog is close to the one in the book. I make a big batch and have it for breakfast in the morning!
My mouth is watering just thinking of all the things I am going to eat this month. What about you? Any favorite summer foods?

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