Surf City Nights Street Fair and Farmers Market in Huntington Beach

Every Tuesday night Huntington Beach closes down Main Street for a street fair and farmer's market.  They call it Surf City Nights.  Over the years I have gone off an on.  I really wanted to go during the school year but had Italian class on Tuesday night and could never make it this past year.  Now that summer is here, I have gone for the last three weeks with the Little Sister.

The Little Sister created a Tres Sorelli (three sisters) calendar and populated it with all kinds of free events.  When looking over the calendar I added Surf City Nights to Tuesdays and it has been fun.

You can read about Surf City Nights here, but basically the city closes down Main Street for three blocks.  Starting from the pier, you have a block of vendors selling different items, then you have some street food options off the first intersection.  Next you have the Farmer's Market section with the no dogs sign that everyone ignores.  It is fairly small but I have gotten amazing strawberries and blueberries there.  Actually, everything I have bought has been pretty good. At the next intersection there is one of those bungy-trampolines and it can be very entertaining to watch!  The last block is more street fair vendors.  Bands or DJ's play at each intersection and change each week.

After the Little Sister and I went the first week, we decided to get a glass of wine at Sandy's on the Beach.  We sat outside, but no one ever came to take our order.  The next week T joined us for Surf City Nights and we gave Sandy's a try again.  We sat inside this time but the service wasn't very good and neither was the wine so we decided to start trying other places.

Last night the Little Sister and I went again and our neighbor Jenn went with us.  The weather was beautiful and the strawberries were just as good.  We decided to go to Zimzala at the Shorebreak Hotel for wine this time.  Our waitress Madeline was awesome and so were the sweet potato tater tots!  Wine was good and we split a steak with green beans.  Also good.  I would for sure go back to Zimzala and want to stay at the Shorebreak Hotel (even though I could ride my bike there from my house).  It is really cool, and very dog friendly if you were wondering.

I am thinking Surf City Nights is going to be a summer staple.  It's a nice local event and keeps me in fresh produce since I eat it none stop during the summer!

What about you?  Any new summer ritual you started?

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