A week in CanCun - day 1

Some friends of T's talked us into going to an all inclusive resort for a week with them and their family. All inclusive is not how we usually travel, but we love these friends and thought, why not, let's do it!
Day 1 was the travel day. We started in style by taking a "party bus" to LAX. T's friends have two daughters who both brought a friend. And one of their nephews came with seven of his closest friends to celebrate their high school graduation. At first I was a little worried about this, but the boys had been here before and were not planning on hanging out with us much. So at 6am we boarded the bus for LAX.

The inside the airplane happy campers shot of us!
We arrived in CanCun and were picked up by three SUVs. Turns out T's friends are high rollers at the resort. After checking it we were taken in a golf cart shuttle to our rooms at the Golf Villas. Our room was amazing! When we opened the door there were rose petals on the floor leading up to the bed with a rose petal heart on it. There was a jacuzzi tub with a bubble bath and more rose petal ready for us. And a bottle of Champagne! T carried me over the threshold and we started taking tons of pictures of our room. We had dinner reservations with his friends but there was no way we were going to let that tub go to waste! We jumped in and then headed to dinner.
Dinner was at one of the resorts restaurants, Los Caporales, and while I wasn't very hungry because it was so late when we ate, the food and wine were really good.
And now it is time to the big black smudge on this trip. At dinner at this restaurant I am pretty sure I left my iPhone. Like 95% sure. I got back to the room, realized it, and went back to the restaurant, which was closed, but I went in anyway and talked to some employees who didn't have the phone. We checked the table, but is was not there. I went to the front desk and they said no one had turned it in. They told me to talk to public relations in the morning as they were the main lost and found collectors. I checked in with Public Relations and no phone.

At first I wasn't that upset about it. After all, it is just a phone. But then I realized how much I use it when I travel. It had all my fun pictures from day one on it. I use it to talk to my sisters and communicate with T when we get separated. I use the clock feature to see what time it is and use the alarm to wake me up. I use the Nike+ app to log my runs and a bunch of other little details that started to hit home when I realized that someone kept my phone instead of turning it in. And then I was checking my email and had a note from gmail telling me someone was trying to get into my account from CanCun at 11:46pm. Someone who had my phone.

This small part of my trip really sucked. I have this faith that people will do the right thing and I was upset that they didn't. The wife friend went to look for my phone with me and then she ended up giving me a night tour of the resort. We made plans to run in the morning and I crossed my fingers my phone would show up.
Next up, CanCun - day 2

UPDATE:  On Day 7 I found my phone!


  1. How frustrating about your phone! Can you use "find my iPhone" to help pinpoint where exactly it is and confront the person that way?

    The trip looks awesome though, enjoy!!

    1. My phone was older and I didn't have that set up. Lesson learned. But I didn't let it ruin the rest of my trip!