A week in CanCun - day 2

Day 2 had a bit of a rough start. I had eaten dinner fairly late and I think that caused me to not sleep very well. I am usually a great sleeper! It's a gift. But this night I kept waking up and then I had lost my iPhone so I didn't know what time it was. Eventually it started getting light outside and I knew it was before 6am because T had set his alarm for 6am. I was going running at 7am and the wife of T's friend had said she might go with me. When she didn't show, I headed out on my own.

I know I have mentioned before how much I like to run in the morning when I visit a new place. It helps me find my way around and I get to see the world as it is waking up. My run this morning was a little tainted. I mentioned in day 1 that I had lost my iPhone and I was really feeling it by this point. I usually log my runs and stop to take pictures as I see them. I would be running, see a great picture, and then remember I didn't have my phone. I started to get really bummed out.
BUT, the morning was beautiful and I ran for an hour in a loop that took me along the beach. I figured out the lay of the land and had a pretty good run. My body was not feeling great with the lack of sleep and some poor food and alcohol choices from the day before, but the run helped me get it out of my system. The boys were golfing this morning so I showered and headed over to see what was going on with the girls.

Eventually the girls and I headed out for breakfast. Sometimes it takes girls awhile to get ready..... I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but we were staying at the Golf Villas at the Moon Palace. These are a little removed from the rest of the resort and each room comes with it's own golf cart to get around in. I know, crazy. So, for the most part, we drive the golf carts everywhere. There are special golf cart paths around the resort and all kinds of shuttles for people to get on. Only the guest staying at the Golf Villas get their own golf cart, everyone else takes a shuttle which is not a big deal because there are a lot of them and any time one is driving by and they see you sitting, they ask if they can help you and offer you a ride. You don't need to walk anywhere if you don't want to. As I am usually a walker, this seemed really strange to me at first.

On our way to breakfast I checked with Public Relations to see about my phone but no one had turned it in. After breakfast there was a bit of "what should we do" and I decided to head to the quieter pools while the girls headed to a bigger pool. The pool I headed to was playing music and I decided I needed some quiet so I found a lounge on the beach. After a few hours of reading I headed to my Spa Appointment!

So the resort is "all inclusive" but that doesn't really mean you can have everything you want all the time. Instead they have almost everything included but then have "resort credit". Resort credit can be used for excursions, most spa treatments, golf (if it is not part of your package), wine upgrades at dinner, and a few other gift like things. For our one week trip we got $2000 in resort credit of which $750 could be used at the Spa. That credit was going to be used! I had booked a Hot Stone Massage and spent a few hours at the Spa. It was very nice.

That night we had dinner at Momo Teppanyaki, the "Japanese"restaurant. After that we explored a bit of the resort and it reminded me of Vegas is a strange way. The big, over the top architecture, alcohol available everywhere, the whole "don't leave" vibe. Maybe I was tired, but that was a vibe I was getting. Maybe I should say Vegas for people with families because I saw a lot of sleeping kids, but not nearly as many really drunk people.

I think T and I headed to bed after midnight (late for me). I realized my phone was gone by this point and decided to enjoy the rest of my time. The next day was going to be a pool day. To be sure we started it out right, I ordered Room Service for breakfast! I know, high roller.....
Next up: CanCun - day 3

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