A week in CanCun - day 3

First of all I wanted to let you know my iPhone was found on Day 7 of this trip, but I thought I would mention it now. Thanks for all the notes of well wishing and emails after I lost it.
I have been a little delayed in posting because I have been waiting for some photos from T. I am hoping he will have some for me so I can add them to these posts.

Day 3 started with room service for breakfast and eventually we made it to the pool at the Moon Grand. We thought it was funny that the sign was propped up on the grass like this when we arrived.

The far pool (there are a few pools at the Moon Grand) near the volleyball net is where we stayed this day. The kids had gotten there before us and had some cushion lounge chairs saved. The pool was a nice temperature for the hot and humid day and the swim up bar was pretty cool. There was also a waitress who came around a lot and brought drinks and food we ordered from the grill. Big umbrellas shaded us from the sun if we needed them and I spent most of my afternoon swimming or reading my book.
Eventually I had enough sun and called it a day. We ran into his friends on the way out and T ended up going with them and the kids to the "pool party" at the Sunrise Pool. They all had a great time and told me about it later at dinner. I guess there was a DJ and huge beach balls. All the pools are shallow and only about 4 feet deep. Around the edges of some of them, including the pool at Sunrise is a lip that usually has lounge chairs on it. The lounge chairs sit in about 5 inches of water from the pool. During the pool party the lounges were removed and every one was dancing on the ledge and in the pool. They all had a great time!
That night we went to the grand reopening of the Gondola Restaurant. After dinner we ran into one of the nephew's friends who showed us their presidential suite. Fancy! Not bad for eight guys to share for a week. T and I wandered around the pools at night a bit before heading in. It seemed like all nights were late nights for me in Cancun and this one was the same. When we got back to the room I pre-ordered our breakfast with room service, made use of the fabulous jacuzzi bath, and snuggled into the gigantic king bed. Another day well spent!
Next up: CanCun - day 4


  1. Can I be a tiny bit bummed for you that you didn't get to buy a new phone? ;)

  2. We can be a little bummed at that, but much happier that someone turned it in. Faith in humanity beats buying a new phone any day!

  3. Yes, I am also happy that someone turned in your phone! I was really worried when you didn't get it back right away. I can have multiple feelings at the same time. :)