A week in CanCun - day 4 - Playa del Carmen

Day 4 T's friends arranged for a beach day at Playa del Carmen. The Moon Palace where we were staying didn't have a good swimming beach, but it's sister resort at Playa del Carmen did! An early morning taxi van ride brought the eight of us to Playa del Carmen where we had breakfast and then got some comfy bed lounge chairs with umbrellas on the beach. The weather was amazing and soon we were all swimming in the turquoise water.
I spent all day hanging out at the beach reading and swimming. Part way through the afternoon some of our group had a bit too much sun and started making their way into the hotel to shower and look around the town. We got to use the showers at the Spa. I loved the beach and stayed there until it was time for dinner. I mean, would you want to leave? Look at where I got to hang out. That's T and I in the middle.
I mentioned a few posts ago how my iPhone went missing (it showed up in lost and found the night before we left!) so I didn't take pictures for most of this trip. Slowly I would see some of them from other people and most of the photos in these posts were taken by T or our friends. And while it might not be the best time to talk about exercise and diet when I am writng about a vacation where I ate a lot of, well, let's call it vacation food, but when I started seeing some of the pictures from this trip I FINALLY started feeling like some of my hard work was starting to pay off.
This picture is my first example.
I always believe that if you smile in a picture, people will look at that first. I always smile in pictures. This one is no exception. That is me on the right, wearing my new favorite, functional and supportive bikini top from Patagonia. It's the Patagonia Women's Reversible Aliam Top and I highly recommend it. It was awesome on this trip!

So there we all are smiling, having a great time at Playa del Carmen and all of a sudden I realize while looking at this picture that I am looking better than I thought I was looking in my head. As in, I was very selfconscious when this picture was being taken because I though I was going to look really big next to my beautiful friends. If you are a girl you might understand these quick thoughts that flash through your brain at times like this. I did what I usually do and just smiled and decided to keep having a good time. But I remembered that insecurity and when I saw this picture I started to feel like all my eating clean and working out was starting to pay off!

Then I saw this picture of T and I and I thought, YOU LOOK GREAT! Keep up the good work!
Nothing like a little photo exercise motivation when you return from vacation! But I digress.

For dinner that night we ate at one of the resort resturants and had some great sushi. The day was one of my favorites and I loved how small the resort was compared to the one we were staying at. I can see how it might be a little mellow for some people, but the day was beautiful and I had a great time enjoying that beautiful spot in CanCun.

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  1. Um, yeah, you look amazing! Awesome photos. And the beach chairs looked so comfortable. What a great vacation!