Biking Sherwin Creek Rd.

A few weekends ago the Little Sister and I headed up to Mammoth Lakes for an other biking / hiking adventure.  Last year we did this and it was fun but she might have gotten a bit of altitude sickness.  My bad...  Read the story HERE.

We left at 5am on Friday morning and stopped at Rock Creek Lake and had some lunch and pie at Pie in the Sky.  Every pie was available and we went for the Chocolate Cream and Coconut Cream.  Chocolate Cream is my new favorite.  After lunch we made our way to Hot Creek and hung out.  I was doing my best to avoid any altitude sickness this time!  In the evening we went into Mammoth and had some coffee at Stellar Brews with the Fish Whisperer and his wife.  I am sure T and I will be stopping by here a lot in the winter.  It is a great coffee shop with food, wifi,  and atmosphere.

The next morning we biked Sherwin Creek Rd from the Hot Creek fish hatchery to Eagle Lodge in Mammoth Lakes.
In the summer this trail has a lot of sand and rocks or gravel.  Leaving the fish hatchery it is relatively flat but the sand slowed me down a bit.  After crossing Hwy395 there is a bit of maintained road and then back to the gravel and rocks for a gentle incline up to the trees.  Even though it was "gentle" it was still a good workout for me at altitude.
I would say the Little Sister is much better at biking than I am.  She bikes a lot and was in the lead for most of this trip.  There happened to be a motor-cross event happening that weekend and we would pass busses taking groups out to it on the steepest part of the trail.  Nothing motivates you to peddle like a bus of people looking at you!

When we reached the top of Sherwin Creek Rd in Mammoth Lakes we were at a park and decided to follow a bike path to Eagle Lodge.  Eagle Lodge is one of the sky lodges in Mammoth.  More uphill, but we finally made it.  The good news is that the way back was almost all down hill.
I was doing a little research on this trail and found out it is actually a bike trail people use in the winter in the snow.  The term I came across was Fatbike and HERE is a link to a video showing some people biking it in the snow.

I logged the ride with STRAVA, an App on my phone and here are the results below.  The Little Sister  and I laugh because we think this App might be for athletes because we burned way more calories than this has.  But I like the map feature and the milage and time.  I use it for most of my bike rides.
After the bike ride we headed to Hot Creek fish hatchery for Trout Fest and then relaxed and explored Mammoth a bit.

The next morning we were headed home but not before stopping at Rock Creek Lake to hike.  

We tried a hike I hadn't done before to the Eastern Brook Lakes.  We started in Mosquito Flats and then  headed to the lakes.  You can see Eastern Brook Lakes in the upper right of this map.
The mosquitos were having the Little Sister for breakfast so about 15 minutes into our hike we switched tops so she could be a little more covered.  She said it helped.
We emerged at the Eastern Brook Lakes and were not disappointed.  It was a fairly easy hike for what we found.  We walked around two of the lakes and only ran into a few people on our way out.  The wind picked up a bit and that helped keep the mosquitos occupied.
Overall is was a nice weekend with some biking and hiking.  For future trips, I think I will try to find some activities to do in the evenings that are out of the house.  That way I can see a different side of the Eastern Sierra!

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