Happy Dad's Day, Dad!

You would think with my organized Summer Schedule (soon to be updated for July) that I would have made it a priority to continue to blog at least once a week!  The days fly by and next thing I know I am a few days late.  Sorry about that.  I will work on trying to be more on top of it.  

Now I am playing catch-up and see I have a lot of draft posts started and just need to finish them.  Like this one about Father's Day!

Here is my Dad with his Handsome Devil wine and a picture of him with his daughters.  The wine is from his girlfriend and I think it was good.  I am not remembering 100% as a lot of wine was drunk that day......  
We also call this Favorite Uncle's Day and have my Uncle Joe over.  My Dad is the youngest of three boys and Uncle Joe is the middle brother.  They are very close and he is the Uncle I remember growing up with.  We have my Dad, his girlfriend, and Uncle Joe over a lot for Sunday Suppers, and Father's Day was kind of like that but with a little more wine.
I didn't take any pictures it seems that day except the two you see here.  Like I said, lots of wine.  Or I was busy helping to serve everything.... The menu had two items from the Jerusalem Cookbook.
  • Chicken roasted with Jerusalem artichokes and lemon (Jerusalem cookbook)
  • Moussaka
  • Green bean, mixed green salad (prepared by my Dad's girlfriend, Jerusalem cookbook)
  • Regular salad
  • Ice Cream for dessert
  • and lots of wine
While the chicken was not my favorite, everything else was good.  I love getting together over food because everyone eats and laughs and talks and laughs some more.  It was a great Father's / Favorite Uncle's Day.  Now that it is summer, Sunday Supper is on hold.  We  go and have picnics at the concert in the park on Sunday instead!  Food and laughs are still present whenever we get together!

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