Take Away: CanCun Moon Palace

T and I have been home from our Moon Palace CanCun trip for a few weeks and I think it's time for my Take Away post!

So first things first. Moon Palace in Cancun is a huge resort complex with three hotels, villas, and a spa and golf course. There are shuttles to transport you where ever you are going and if you stay in the villas (like we did) you get your own golf cart. The resort is huge and I would say 90% of the people staying there are Americans. You can eat and drink 24 hours a day. You never need to carry money with you as everything is included. That being said, we did carry some money with us to tip. The resort complex was so big, that you never need to leave.

The resort complex is so big, it's like an isolated bubble in Mexico. The only way you know you are in Mexico sometimes is because Spanish is being spoken. The resort could be scooped up and put anywhere on the same longitude, and you would never know it. To me it didn't feel like Mexico, but after a few weeks of thinking about it, I don't think that was a bad thing.

When I travel internationally I enjoy mixing in with the culture and learning about that place through my experiences. I have found myself in the kitchen with strangers in the Dominican Republic, doing laundry in a bathroom sink with women in Egypt, and hitchhiking in Guatemala for a ride back to town. All of these moments came about through a smile and a bit of luck. Sometimes I spoke enough of the language and sometimes I didn't, but things always worked out and they are some of my favorite memories.

The Moon Palace and this trip was different than previous international trips. I mention above that the complex was like a bubble, and it was. There really wasn't a way to mix in with the culture the way I usually do. I practiced my spanish a bit with some employees, but other that that, I could have been at a hotel here in California. Again, not a bad thing, just different.
So understanding that about the Moon Palace, there is also a lack of stress about being in a foreign country. English is mainly spoken, every employee is there to serve you, and everything is already paid for. All there is to do is relax and enjoy.

And eat.

There were always food and drinks available. Room service, 24/7. Multiple restaurants for dinner. Ice cream, coffee, crepes, etc.etc.etc.. A bar and BBQ at every pool. Sushi bar from 6-11pm. Gelato. People walking around with chocolate. Food, anytime you want it. Anywhere you were. And I had my fair share of it. I would not call most of the food amazing, but it was good. As I have been eating paleo-ish I didn't go too crazy with the dairy or sugar, but I did eat my fair share of croissants. T and I had room service for breakfast most of our days and ordered croissants, coffee and tea. Because of this I never went to many of the main resort spots for breakfast. On our last morning I had breakfast at the Moon Palace and that was fabulous! I guess it is a good thing I found it on our last day, because I would have been there every morning!

So this vacation was a bit of money and we were able to go because my Dad gave T and I some money for a Honeymoon (THANKS DAD!). I am not sure that we would have saved the money to go a trip like this. Like I said, not how I usually travel, but after going, T asked when we could go back :)

The truth is, this in not my go to vacation. This is not something I would save up for year after year. BUT, this is a vacation I would save up for every few years. Why? It was so relaxing. It was the first time I came home from a vacation and didn't need an other vacation. I had a great time with T. We had an amazing vacation together. I didn't have to think about how much money I was spending because I already spent it. The service was incredible and we had a nice time with our friends. All in all, it was a pretty amazing vacation. I don't want to take it for granted, and that is why I would only go back in a few years. When I really need a relaxing vacation.

Personal Take Aways and notes for me:
  • I packed perfectly. Less is more and this Maxi Wrap Cover Up Dress from Victoria Secret was AWESOME and made me look like an old fashioned movie star on pool days.
  • Schedule events and make reservations before arriving if possible.
  • Explore breakfast places! And find really good food spots.
  • Physical books, while a pain to pack, felt safer to have on the beach and at the pool than an iPad.
  • FIND MY PHONE. Set up all electronic devices with recovery services if possible. This is because my phone was missing for most of the trip.
  • Sunblock was a must.
  • Villa 3, room 127 was AMAZING
  • When I packed for this trip my sisters encouraged me to think like a resort-ist. When I asked what that was, they had a lot of helpful tips and one of them was to wear jewlery with everything. I did, and it elevated each outfit. Maybe I should think like a resort-ist more often!
What about you? Where do you go on vacation to really relax? Or have you had a recent vacation that surprised you in a good way?

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