Beer Brewing on Sundays

Over two years ago T started talking about making beer. My sisters then got him a brew making kit from Brooklyn Brew-shop and we waited to try the beer. And waited. And waited. Until this summer when we went to the Orange County Fair and ended up signing up for a beer making class. T and I attended and we came home with our own jug of beer. We let it ferment and eventually had our first batch of homemade beer, which was cool. And then I waited to see what would happen with T. You know, like would he make beer at home?

A few weeks passed and he told me he was going to make the Everyday IPA that came with the Brooklyn Brew-shop kit. His brother Jay was in town and they spent a few hours making beer. The process was a little different than the OC Fair class but soon enough we had another jug of beer fermenting. A few days later I came home to two big boxes of beer brewing equipment. T had bought some additional equipment and some kits to brew more beer from Northern Brewer. First he made the German Blonde and Sunday he made the Caribou Slobber. We are currently watching three jugs of beer ferment and it has become..... interesting.

Here are the one gallon jugs. From left to right, Everyday IPA, German Blonde, Caribou Slobber.
And now a close up...

There is some ACTIVE fermentation going on! Our OC Fair beer fermented a little, but nothing crazy. We initially kept each of the jugs in a pot in case they overflowed. The Everyday IPA seemed a little more active than the first beer and we would get excited when we could see air bubbles coming up. The German Blonde was active the first night and we woke up to find it had bubbled up and almost over flowed. And then T made the Caribou Slobber and it got active very quickly. It was / is a fun science experiment watching the bubbles foam up and it has even overflowed a bit. In the meantime the German Blonde has continued to be active but seems to be on some sort of cycle. It's awesome! We are hoping to bottle some next weekend and then T is going to make another batch.... I can't wait to see how theses beers turn out.

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