Fall in the Eastern Sierra

This past weekend I experienced my first fall in the Eastern Sierra. T had a knee doctor appointment on Monday so we both took Friday off to make it a long weekend. Our friend the fish whisperer was working this weekend so we were on our own.
On Saturday T was planning to fish (I know, big surprise) but we got a bit of a late start and discovered the aspen trees were starting to turn colors at the higher elevations. The fishing plan became a photograph and fishing plan and we started near Rock Creek lake after picking up a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie for T and a Boysenberry pie for me at Pie in the Sky!

T and I hiked the Eastern Brook trail that the Little Sister and I hiked back in June. It was much cooler this time and not a mosquito in sight. T brought his fishing stuff but didn't end up using it because of a bit of wind and no sign of fish. Instead we took a few minutes to listen to the wind in the trees and the gentle lapping of the water on the shore.
Some friends of ours were camping at Lake Sabrina campground in Bishop's Pass and we planned to have dinner with them. On our way we stopped by Lake Sabrina and were shocked at how low the water level was. In this picture you can see the boat dock in the foreground.
We then made our way to North Lake where T decided to fish a bit and I tried to take some photos and read a magazine I brought. After T had caught a few fish we hiked a bit and watched the sun set behind the mountains.
We then headed over to our friends camp where we had a great dutch oven dinner with homemade beer. It was COLD that night and I was grateful for our warm bed back at the Fish Whisper's.
The next day T wanted to fish the San Joaquin river near Devil's Postpile. I joined him and got some fun pictures on the way at the Minaret Vista point. T was hiking to Devil's Postpile with me when we ran into a former instructor and his wife on the trail. They talked fishing for a bit and then we asked them if they wanted to join us for dinner. After T fished and I hiked we eventually made it back to Mammoth and spent an evening with them over pizza and beer.
On Monday the knee doctor's assistant said T's knee looked "solid" and that he was doing great and could ski this year! Just one more appointment to go!

This weekend was filled with chilly nights and cool crisp days. The fish were not feeding but the aspen trees were starting to change colors and opening the door to fall in the Eastern Sierra.

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