Figs and Grand Marnier

It's fig season again and my neighbor's tree is producing beautiful figs for us. This is the third year I am gifted with figs from my neighbor. I wrote about how the Little Sister and I were walking the neighborhood and knocked on his door to ask about the tree last year. You can read the back story here. Fig season started this year and I came home to a big bag hanging on my door! At one point the neighbor hunted me down and asked if I could watch his tree from August to October as he was going to be in Italy! Ummmm, yes I would love too! So this year is going to be another amazing fig year!
While watching the tree I soon found my refrigerator filled up with figs and I started thinking of what I should do with them. I eat them raw all the time and have two jam recipes I love but started looking for something else I could do. A few internet searches later I had two recipes I wanted to try that both involved figs and Grand Marnier.
The first was Roasted Figs from David Lebovitz. I modified it a bit as my figs were extra sweet and I didn't think they needed the brown sugar. I also used lemon juice added after roasting because I didn't have a lemon to zest for the required zest pre-roast. Sometimes I am a lazy cook. In spite of all of this, the roasted figs turned out. Currently they are part of a fancy coconut milk vanilla ice cream dessert.
Next I found a Fig Jam made with Grand Marnier from Kiss My Spatula. This also called for lemon zest but I just used lemon juice. The recipe makes five small jars, not very much, but it is delicious and is now the third jam recipe in the line up for fig season. It is one of those jams that you take a bite and instantly you think of different ways to eat it. If I was having a bread day, it would be brie and fig jam panini, or a fancy crostini. It would go well with chicken or lamb and just heavenly on a scone. This one is a keeper and I can't wait to make more!

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