Slow Cooker Carolina Pulled Pork Roast

We are having a bit of a heat wave in Southern California this Labor Day weekend and it is days like these when the crock-pot makes an appearance.
My crock-pot has two seasons. Season one is the typical cold weather, short days season, and season two is the "it's so hot I could not possible turn on a oven or stand in front of a stove season", it's even too hot to BBQ some days.

I grew up in a desert region of California where summers were between 100-115 degrees. My Mom will call me once in awhile to let me know it's 90 degrees in the shade at 9am even now. When I was 18 years old I left the desert region and made my way to the coast. For the most part, that is where I have stayed for the last 18 years (WOW! has it been that long?.....Crazy). I have never had air conditioning at the coast and our current home is no exception. My sister mentioned the other day that we have amazing weather 360 days out of the year, and the other five are the times we wish we had air conditioning. She is right. We are in those five days right now. So the slow cooker has made an appearance.

This slow cooker idea is thanks to my friend Mo of Russia and field studies fame. She had me try a bite of it at her house and I could not wait to make my own. I almost feel like this is a cheating recipe because you don't really do anything except turn on the slow cooker. I know, the heat makes me lazy....

What happened with Mo was that she was at Trader Joe's and they had samples of chicken with their new Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce. Now Mo went to school in Carolina and even has a Carolina BBQ sauce she makes from scratch, but after tasting the Trader Joe's version, she said they nailed it and went and bought a bottle. She then purchased the already cooked pot roast, brought everything home and threw it in the slow cooker for five hours with a sliced onion and now had the most amazing Carolina pulled pot roast.

I went to Trader Joe's. Got the already cooked Pork Roast (not Pot Roast like Mo) and the Carolina Gold BBQ sauce. Came home, didn't have an onion, and threw everything in my slow cooker for 5 hours. HEAVEN! And no stove or oven needed. I will be making this through all the seasons now!
Slow Cooker Carolina Pork Roast
2 Trader Joe's Fully Cooked Pork Roast with BBQ sauce (1.5 pounds each)
1/2 bottle Traders Joe's Carolina Gold BBQ sauce

Turn slow cooker on low. Add Pork Roast with BBQ sauce. Add 1/2 bottle Carolina Gold BBQ sauce. Cover and cook for five hours on low. Mo opened up her pot and shredded every hour. I shredded and stirred about two hours in. Find what works for you and ENJOY!

Serve on Hawaiian rolls with some cole-slaw and a chilled beverage. The perfect summer BBQ feeling with out the BBQ.

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