Home Detail: Orchid Wall

It's the little details that make a house a home.  The little details that make it function, fun to be in, and mostly a sanctuary.  I have little details in our home that make my heart smile when I see them. 
It's little, but I love my Orchid Wall.  I call it the Orchid Wall, but really it is just the fence with a few boards on it that T put up for me so I could have a place for some of my plants on our patio.

We live in a townhouse with a cement patio for a backyard.  HERE is the layout if you are interested.  When we first moved in we built a patio cover over the patio.  We did it for storage reasons, and I was sad I couldn't have a container garden back there with the lack of direct sun.  We put a white-ish plastic roof on it and enclosed the patio with bamboo so Samson couldn't escape.  Our neighbors called it the tiki room when we finished.  When everything was said and done I realized our patio was a great place for my orchids and came up with an idea to use the fence to display them.
The Orchid Wall wasn't a big deal, but it has made the patio.  I attached lights under the boards and T and I eat many meals out here.  At night the lights are enchanting.  In the morning, the orchids greet us for breakfast.  I love to be in the patio when it rains and our neighbors all come over now and tell me how much they like it.  I am even helped a few of them work on their patios this past summer. Here is a photo with the two orange chairs I scored and Sampson with the Orchid Wall:
And while I feel like there are a lot more things I would like to do with the patio, the Orchid Wall is one of the details I got right.

Do you have a house detail you love?  Share it with me in the comments so I can be inspired to try something new!

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