Boo to day light savings!

If you have been around this blog this time of year, you know that the "Fall Back" daylight savings day is one of my least liked days. I lament sunsets happening so early and generally hate the shortening of days and daylight! It affects me. Maybe I am S.A.D.? Who knows.

But this year I was having a hard time with my rant about day-light savings.

It started with sleeping in on Sunday. And then Sunday was a really nice day. And I had to pick my sister up from the airport so that distracted me from the early sunset. And Monday I was up early to take my car in. And then Tuesday I went running at 5:30am with the Middle Sister and it was light outside. Well, much lighter than it has been and I started to think that maybe I don't loath Fall Back as much as I used to.

And then I thought, I'm old.

Now four days later I had some time to think about it and I realized a few things.

My life has changed. I still watch sunsets but I work late and go to bed earlier so the night life I used to have doesn't really exist during the week.

I get up early. At an hour that I can't believe sometimes, to work out. Be it running, Shredding, or P90X, I get up early to work out. I also sleep 7-8 hours a night. Which is part of the early to bed, early to rise situation.

And, I am getting older. And I do like running when the sun is coming up. I realized that over the last few years I have seen more sunrises than sunsets. And while I am not a morning person, I can see that there has been a shift in how I spend my days.

And because of that it took me four days to remember that I do not like day-light savings and am ready to join Hawaii and Arizona and just stop doing it. Come on California! Forget the the Fall Back and Spring Forward! Lets just have sunrise and sunsets tell us what time it is!

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