Instant Karma: Running

Funny running story.

The Middle Sister and I run at least twice a week. We take our neighbor's dog Eddie and we go EARLY, as in 5:30am. Daylight savings has us running with the sunrise currently and that is nice.

My story takes place last Thursday when we were on the last third of our run. My sister has this thing that she will speed up if she is planning on stopping. We have certain places we stop when we run and we have been trying to push ourselves to go further. She was speeding up and I started giving her a hard time and tripped on my own pants and ended up doing some sort of judo roll onto my back in the dirt on the river trail. I was on my back with the dog trying to save me when she came back.

Instant karma.

After we made sure nothing was broken and I was able to get to my feet and make sure I wasn't bleeding too badly, we walked it off and I made it home.

The power of instant karma was pretty potent that morning and it made me think about what life would be like if we had instant karma all the time! I hope I could avoid tripping on my pants.


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