Sister's Napa trip (day 3-4)

Part one of this adventure can be found at Sister's Napa trip (day 1-2).

Day 3 of the Sister's Napa trip had our first winery reservation at 11am so we had a morning to enjoy. I woke up and went for a run. I like to run in the morning when I travel. It gives me a chance to explore a place before anyone is up. This morning was no different and found myself in downtown Napa running up and down the streets. I stopped to take a picture of the sunrise through a bridge when the sisters called and told me to meet them at Oxbow Market for breakfast, they were walking into town. After breakfast I ran back to the house to take a shower and after a stop at Whole Foods for snack for the day, we were on our way.

Our first stop was the Black Stallion Winery. I think I might of picked this one based on my love of The Black Stallion movies when I was a kid. I loved those movies! The winery was beautiful and the wines were okay. I bought my only wine on this trip from The Black Stallion winery. I asked if the winery was named after the mvovie and was told it was named Black Stallion because the location used to be an equestrian center. That makes sence, but I think it would have been better to be named after the move...

Next we went to Paraduxx for a tour and tasting. As I am remembering it, I think we tried to visit three wineries each day and we booked one tour a day a one of those wineries. Paraduxx was our tour on the second day. The tour was fine, but our tour at Longmeadow Ranch was much better in my opinion. The tasting at Paraduxx was fun. It was in a private room with our tour guide and included cheese and chocolate!

Our final tasting was at Turnbull Wine Cellars. The owner had a fabulous collection older photographs displayed including some Ansel Adams. I spent most of my time at this winery looking at the art. I did eventually taste some wine and the gentllman who helped us was pretty funny.

That night we had dinner at Oenotri. We had been eating (and drinking) so much that I was not very hungry and had some sort of pasta dish. I know. I am sorry I can't remember what it was! And I love food! It was good, and I wished I could have ordered more food, but I was ready to burst by this point. When we discussed places to eat with locals we ran into, Oenotri was always one of the recommendations we got. It was on our food list too, and I woudl eat there again.

The next day we started our trip home with a stop at Model Bakery for those amazing english muffins and a few epi rolls for the drive home. We had a great time and really enjoyed getting to see a bit of the famous Napa Valley. I think we would visit again and I think we should go during this time of year. The weather was crisp, the grape leaves turning brillant colors, and the foods we ate reflected those comfort foods I think about in late fall. It was a great adventure!



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