Bodie State Park (CA)

About a month ago T and I took a trip to the Eastern Sierra (our second home it seems like) and the Fish Whisperer and his wife took us to check out Bodie State Park. Bodie State Park is a California ghost town and a state park of California. It is in what they call "arrested decay" and looks very much like it did 50 years ago when the last resident left.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to Bodie from Hwy 395. The first part of the road is paved, but soon you will find it slower going on a dirt road. The road closes during the winter due to snow.

I have driven by the road to Bodie numourous times and this was my first time visiting. Bodie was a gold-mining town in the 1800's and at one time had a popultion of 10,000 people! This website has a video of the road into Bodie and some other info.

This place is truely a "ghost town" with some park rangers living there year round. Walking around, it looks like people just walked away and left everything. I walked up to a few houses and looked in the windows. Inside was incredibly spooky. I was glad the sun was shining that day.
The photos here show the outside of the house and then the inside of the same house. I took all of these with my iPhone and have to say I was pretty impressed with the way they turned out.
The houses show class segregation and even race segregation when you get to the "China Town" area.
A true "wild west" town, at the peak of the populaiton 3-4 people died a week between the extreme weather, gun fights, or sexualy transmitted diseases from the red light district. Many children died in the harsh conditions of the town, but still it survived into the 1950's.
For more information about Bodie visit the CA State Park website or Bodie.com.


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