Cross Country Skiing Hope Valley

The outdoor adventures continued during Tahoe Xmas 2013 and we went Cross Country Skiing! Now, I don't ski. I am a big klutz and that is why I snowboard. Only one piece of equipment to worry about when you snowboard..... You worry about four pieces of equipment when you ski. This was another Middle Sister idea and we went to Hope Valley and rented Cross Country Skis. T took this picture of the family after about 30 minutes into our adventure. My mom stayed home and enjoyed some alone time.... but the rest of us gave cross-country skiing a try!

I am the third from the right in this picture, white vest with the hat. I look extra short in this photo becuase I am living in fear of falling yet again and am keeping my knees bent and weight forward. I was not very good at cross-country skiing. I fell six times during this adventure. And by the way, it is not easy to get up when you have skis on, but I seemed to find a technique. My Uncle G and Brad helped me with my cross-country technique. Eventually we left the woods and did some laps around a meadow. It was much easier to follow in someones tracks and work on my techniques there. T snapped this picture of us on about my third lap!

My sisters did much better than I did and my Aunt Jan took this picture of them.
And here are the two uncles and one of the cousins. They were by far the best at cross-country skiing and my cousin looks a little winded in this photo because she was trying to keep up with Uncle Brad as he did laps around the meadow. She did, and she got a good workout that day.
Over all the cross-country adventure was a good one. T said he would definately do it again and all of us were glad to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful day! I would recommend the place we used to rent our skis in Hope Valley. The website is http://hopevalleycrosscountry.com/ They were friendly, offered lessons, and are located in a beautiful spot.



  1. I didn't know you guys were coming up here for Christmas this year!! We could have come over for the day- Zachary would have loved the snow, and I had the whole week off- that is if you guys wouldn't have minded. Next time let us know and maybe we can up come up for the day. Hope you guys had a wonderful christmas!!! Talk soon.

  2. That would have been Awesome! Sorry I didn't think to call you. Next time for sure.