Hiking Vikingsholm, Emerald Bay State Park, Lake Tahoe

Happy Holidays! T, Samson, and I are in Lake Tahoe visiting family. This is our third time having Christmas in Lake Tahoe and you can read about the other trips HERE and HERE. My Uncle (Mom's brother) lives up here and her side of the family comes down from Seattle to meet us at the "halfway point" in Lake Tahoe. We have done this every other year for the last four years. Each trip has been very different and this time the Middle Sister had a few ideas of possible excursions around Lake Tahoe. One of them was this hike in Emerald Bay State Park to Vikingsholm.

There was some snow, but not very much, so snowboarding only happened on one day of the trip. On another day the cousins, sisters, and I headed out for this hike. There was some snow on the trail, and it was colder in the shade, but the hike was a good excuse to get out of the house.

The view of the lake was beautiful when we reached the bottom of the hike. The beach was covered in snow and the Vikingsholm house closed up for the season. We took a few pictures and then started the hike back up the hill.
I am a little surprised that we haven't explored more of Lake Tahoe on our holiday excursions. I guess it is because the last few times we waited for my Uncle, the Tahoe native, to suggest outings. He hasn't really done that and was more focused on skiing or talking computers and fishing with T. This year we came up with some ideas and the Middle Sister drove so we had an "escape pod". It was a good balance of "family time" and seeing a bit of Lake Tahoe. While the hike wasn't hard, long, or overwhelming, it did give us a bit of fresh air and a taste of the outdoors. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


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