One day at Heavenly

One day during Tahoe Xmas 2013 T and I went skiing at Heavenly with Uncle Brad, his girlfriend, and my Cousin Molly. They all ski and I snowboard. They are much better than I am, and it was my first day out this season. After a few runs with them, I told them to go on ahead and spent a little time on my own. I have mentioned before that I am not very good and this day was no different. I got a few good runs in but then my legs started getting tired and I started to fall. The last part of the run I was on was the steepest and I fell forward and was sliding down the hill on my belly looking like I was trying to make a snow angel. I am sure it looked pretty funny! I made it down the hill and was glad we only had one day of skiing in Tahoe this year. T took the picture above on the last run down the hill.


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