Florence, Italy apartment

This summer the sisters and I are taking a trip to Italy! We try to take an international trip every-other year and this year I am very excited to be going back to Italy. For the past two years I have been taking Italian and I hope to be able to make my way around with my limited vocabulary. My sisters and I have found that when we travel, we like to stay in apartments so we can have a home away from home. We loved the apartment we had in Paris and I have been looking for Italian apartments and villas for our trip.
We are going for just under three weeks and staying in three places. The first is Florence, Italy and I am excited to report we have found our apartment!
The apartment needed to sleep five, my brother-in-law and his wife are joining us. I blogged about their wedding and the trip T and I took to see them in Hong Kong. He asked me last year if we were going any where and then asked if they could join us? Of course! It will be fun to travel with them!
I also wanted an apartment that was close to public transportation and the sights. No car rentals this trip. I was reading a guide book that suggested waytostay.com as a place to find apartments in Florence, Italy. I logged on and found an apartment that looks like it would be perfect for us.
Here is the link: http://www.waytostay.com/florence-apartments/bella-novella-2472/
After a consultation with the sisters, I contacted waytostay.com and booked the apartment! I am always nervous booking apartments abroad and hope this company works out. The apartment requires a deposit and then you pay the rest in cash when you arrive. Fingers crossed that it looks as good in real life!

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  1. That must be one of the loveliest apartments I have ever seen. Places like that are super hard to find. I'm so happy you had the chance to book it. I'm sure your new place is now filled with decors you put. I would love to see a tour. Keep us updated! :)

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer Limited