Inspired: Coffee Table Styling

The view when you open the front door to our home looks something like this on a sunny day.  Not bad, especially because T and I try to keep this area clean.  I love opening the door to a clean living space.  It has a calming effect on me. It makes it nice to "come home".

The orange squares on the coffee table are placemats I found at Zgallery when I was in one of my orange phases.  They lived on the coffee table for about two years and last week I decided it was time for a change.  I wanted to spice up the coffee table a bit, but still keep it functional for those times we had guests over or needed to put our feet up for a movie.   A little internet browsing later, I shopped my house and created my own coffee table styling.  
Looking at this picture I can see I am moving toward a green phase.  Does anyone else have color phases like this in their home? Some art books, flowers, and little treasures have made the coffee table a little more of focal point in our home and I am really liking how the pop of color plays against the black coffee table.
There is also something grown up and elegant about having fresh flowers on the table.  I will probably switch to a plant soon.  But for right now, I am inspired by the coffee table!  


  1. I like the green! And I love cut flowers but I never have any flowers to cut (from my own yard... sometimes I walk by neighbors' yards and think about cutting their flowers though...)

  2. Are those your great-grandmother's opera glasses? And is that turtle a recently received Christmas gift? Nice!

    1. Yep! Shopped my house and found some cool things.