Surrounded by inspiration

Happy New Year! T and I have just returned from spending time with family in Lake Tahoe and Mammoth and it is good to be home! The new year doesn't usually bring out a rush of goals for me because I usually wait until Chinese New Year (January 31st, Year of the Horse) to figure out what I really want to have my goals be. But this year I came home to the sisters and have been surrounded by inspiration.

What a great way to start a new year, surrounded by inspiration. They got me inspired and I started thinking that maybe that should be my theme of the year. Surrounded by Inspiration. The Middle Sister is making all these smoothies and she inspired me to think about the food I am eating. And the Little Sister, well she went a bit crazy and has all kinds of goals for the year. I think it is because her birthday is so close to the new year.... and I will probably adopt some of her goals, (like trying to use up my stationary and write notes to people) and am excited to see what other goals the sisters come up with for the Year of the Horse.

Being surrounded by inspiration really hit home for me as I am dealing with some negativity at work. It is just a small group of people, but it is the people I have to work with the most. I have been working with them professionally, but find myself protecting myself in strange ways. When I came home and was wrapped in inspiration by my sisters, it became a window letting in the sun on the negativity of work. It has lighted a path for me in an unexpected way.

By surrounding myself with inspiration, I will also become an inspiration. If I stay focussed, I will stay positive. I am lucky to work with other people who continuously inspire me. I am lucky to have friends who inspire me. And I am blessed to have amazing sisters who are my best friends and my inspiration. As this new year starts I challenge myself and you to......

stay inspired.

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